Can I Recycle This?

Milton uses a single stream recycling system. Single-stream recycling means that paper, glass, plastic, and metal can all be recycled in one container, like your town recycling cart or a recycling bin. The graphic below from MassDEP shows what kinds of items can go in your recycling - for example: cans; plastic bottles, jugs, and tubs; glass bottles and jars; and paper, paperboard, cardboard, and boxes. If you have an item that you are unsure about, visit MassDEP's Recycle Smart website and search for your item.

Our recyclables are sorted and processed at Waste Management in Avon, MA. 

MassDEP Recycle Smart graphic. Information about which items can and cannot be recycled are displayed.

For more information, check out this catalog of recycling myths and facts from Waste Management. 

For missed trash, recycling or yard waste collection issues please call the Milton DPW trash line at (617) 898 - 4900.