Traffic Commission

Appointed By: Select Board

Traffic Commission members receive no compensation and the Commission has no budget.

The Traffic Commission is an advisory board only. The Traffic Commission studies the traffic situation in town and advises the Select Board on ways and means to regulate traffic in the town and increase public safety.  The Traffic Commission recommends to the Select Board changes and amendments to the Traffic Rules and Orders of the town with a view towards reducing crashes and relieving traffic congestion throughout town. Given the number of cars that travel our roads each day, this objective often proves to be very challenging.

The Traffic Commission meets 4-6 times annually. Meetings and locations are posted on this webpage and citizens are welcome to attend and speak.

Any recommendations made by the Traffic Commission regarding changes to Massachusetts General Law or the Town of Milton Bylaws are then submitted to the Select Board for approval and implementation.

Note - The Traffic Commission does not review traffic enforcement issues. All enforcement authority lies solely with the police department.

The Traffic Commission is composed of representatives from several town departments as well as a resident representative listed below.

Board Members

Name Title
Chase P. Berkeley, PE DPW Director (Chair)
John E. King Police Chief
Lt. Mark Alba Police (Safety Officer)
Glenn Pavlicek School Department
Jack Calabro Manager of Street/Traffic Lights & Special DPW /Engineering Projects
Lee Toma Member (February 2021)
Steven Geyster Member (February 2021)
Marion Driscoll Member (February 2021)
Tim Czerwienski Planning (Director)
Christopher Madden Fire Chief
Christopher Trudel DPW (Engineering)