Who's Who at Town Meeting

Town Meeting Members - Two hundred and seventy-nine members from each of ten precincts.

The Moderator - presides over and conducts the meeting. S/He is an elected official.

Town Clerk - Is the chief election official, custodian of the Town's records, and recording secretary of the meeting.

Select Board - (5) Elected policymaking body, appoints Town Administrator and compiles the warrant.

Town Administrator - Appointed by the Select Board, the Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer who prepares and submits the budget to the Select Board and finance committees on or before a date certain. At Town Meeting, questions may be directed to him/her through the Moderator relating to the budget or to warrant articles.

Warrant Committee - Appointed by the Moderator, the by-laws stipulate that it shall make recommendations on the prudent management of the financial affairs of the town. It reviews the budget, makes recommendations on all financial matters, prepares and distributes a printed report of its recommendations and other relevant information, to assist Town Meeting in making final decisions.

School Committee - (6) Elected and responsible for the operation of the educational system, prepares the school budget, appoints the Superintendent, and defines educational philosophy and policy.

Superintendent of Schools - Chief executive officer for implementing school committee policy and directives.

Town Counsel - Chief legal officer and legal advisor to the Town Meeting.

Planning Board - (5) Elected board, which, by state law is responsible for planning, zoning and subdivision control. It advises Town Meeting on all planning and zoning articles.