Bylaws & Regulations




General Bylaws

A General set of rules for the Town of Milton. Updated through 2007. 

Home Occupation Bylaw

A set of rules designed to describe what is considered a home

Stormwater Bylaw

Rules for managing stormwater runoff and reduce soil erosion

Wetland Bylaw

A set of rules designed to protect the wetlands

Zoning Bylaws

A document that details how Milton is zoned

The Town is in the process of reviewing the General & Zoning Bylaws to have them codified.  Please contact the Office of the Town Clerk to obtain true copy attest articles for any updated bylaws.




Board of Health Regulations

Rules made to keep public health intact

Building Code

State Building Code administered by the MA Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS)

Drainlayers Regulation

Rules permitting inviduals to lay pipe in any and all right of ways

Fences Regulations

Rules reguarding fences

Health State Regulations

The State of Massachusetts set of rules for public health

Right of Way Regulation

Regulations that civilians the right of way during excavation and restoration

Sewer Regulations

Regulations that controll the use of public and private sewers and waste piping including installation and connection

Water Regulation

Rules to protect the water infrastructure during excavation and restoration

Wetland Regulations

Complements the Wetland Bylaw in order to protect the wetlands