Town Clerk



It is an honor to continue to provide services to you. My staff and I thank you for your cooperation, patience and understanding. 

The Town Hall Building is currently open to the public.  Please contact the office to make an appointment, if you need assistance or have any questions.  

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a staff member, please call 617-898-4859 or email the Town Clerks Office

Kindly be aware, appointments will not be made with any person experiencing cough, fever, or shortness of breath; anyone tested positive for COVID-19; anyone who has been exposed to a tested positive COVID-19 case; or anyone directed to self-quarantine. Staff will ask you to confirm you do not meet any of these criteria upon making the appointment and upon arrival at the appointment.

Please continue to check our website for any important updates.  If you have any questions or concerns please call 617-898-4859.

For Information regarding the 2023 Annual Town Election please click here

The Office of the Town Clerk is the core of local government and serves as a principal point of contact for local residents and citizens at large.  During the course of the regular business, the Town Clerk is in contact with every level of government.  This includes state agencies, county government and almost every officer and board or committee in the Town of Milton.  It is the mission of this office to maintain the following: constantly improve the administration within the restraints of the applicable laws through sound management and financial practices; to maintain standards of quality and integrity; to be mindful of neutrality and impartiality; to render equal services to all by extending the same treatment we wish to receive ourselves; and to conduct the matters of this office above reproach and to merit public confidence in our community.

Examples of items issued from the Town Clerk's office include:

  • Vital Records Requests
  • Business Licenses (DBA)
  • Public notices
  • Town meeting information
  • Zoning Board decisions
  • Fuel Storage Permits
  • Raffle Permits
  • Dog Licensing

Election-related Activities Include:

  • Voter Registration
  • Voting Lists
  • Ballot Preparation
  • Coordination of Voting Places
  • Certification of the Election Results with the Secretary of State and MA Dept of Revenue
  • Certification of Nomination Papers and Initiative Petitions
  • Candidate Filings such as Campaign Finance Forms, Annual Town Census, Resident Book, List of Residents to the Office of the Jury Commissioner

Upon election or appointment to an Town office, board, commission or committee, the individual must be administered the oath of office (be sworn in to serve) at the Town Clerk's Office prior to participating in a meeting requiring a vote. At that time, the State's Open Meeting Law is distributed or referred by on-line access and a copy of the Ethics Law is distributed. Newly elected and re-elected Town Meeting Members are administered the oath of office at Town Meeting.

To e-mail a staff contact please click on their name below:

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Susan M. Galvin Town Clerk (617) 898-4859
Gayle M. Neville Assistant Town Clerk (617) 898-4859
Karen Dilworth Senior Administrative Clerk (617) 898-4859