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The Federal Management Agency’s (FEMA) develops National Flood Zone data used to generate flood maps for all of the U.S. FEMA generates flood maps for all communities and distributes these maps and additional information via their web pages listed below:

Understanding Flood Zones and maps

How to View and Obtain Flood Maps

National Flood Insurance Program

Change Your Flood Zone Designation

Milton FEMA Flood Zones Online Mapper


The Town of Milton MA online mapper showing FEMA flood zones and property boundary lines.

"Zone A (1%-annual-chance flood event - no BFE)"

"Zone AE (1%-annual-chance flood event - with BFE)"

BFE - The elevation of surface water resulting from a flood that has a 1% chance of equaling or exceeding that level in any given year. The BFE is shown on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for zones AE,