Police Department Contact Information

This contact page serves as a reference to find resources more quickly. If your contact is not listed, please contact the General Business line at 617-698-3800 for all inquires. They will redirect you to the correct person.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John E. King Chief of Police (617) 698-3800
Ann Condon Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police (617) 898-4805
Margaret Walsh Records Manager (617) 898-4803
James O'Neil Deputy Chief (617) 698-3800
Ofc. Maria Martin Domestic Violence Officer (617) 698-3800
Robert E. Mallett I.T. Department (617) 898-4800
Ofc. Patty Mandeville Officer - Elder Affairs (617) 698-3800
Lt. Michael Collins Detective Lieutenant (617) 898-4809
Mary Whittaker Payroll (617) 898-4802
Julie Thermidor Civilian Domestic Violence Advocate (617) 831-8326
Ofc. Wanda Corbin Court Prosecutor (617) 898-4831
Cassandra Janusz Mental Health Clinician (617) 898-4815
LT. Charles Caputo Administrative Lieutenant - Licensing and Sex Offender Registry (617) 898-4804