Archived Documents

Ice House PUD Proposal 

Ice House Mixed-Use PUDA Potential commercial/mixed use development at 487 Blue Hills Parkway

Adams Court Development Proposal 

Falconi Mixed-Use Development Proposal


A presentation given by The Architectural Team and Attorney Corcoran on behalf of the Falconi Companies at the joint Board of Selectmen/Planning Board meeting on June 21, 2018 regarding a preliminary proposal for redevelopment in East Milton Square

2018 Zoning Articles

2018 Zoning ArticlesZoning Articles from the May and November 2018 Town Meetings

2017 Zoning Articles

2017 Zoning ArticlesZoning articles from the May 2017 Town Meeting

2016 Zoning Articles

2016 Zoning Articles Zoning articles from the May 2016 Town Meeting

2015 Zoning Initiative

2015 Zoning InitiativeDocuments, links, and presentations from the 2015 Zoning Initiative
Blue Hill Avenue Institutional/Commercial Overlay District proposal:



Advisory Committee Charge & Membership


Potential Tax Revenues per Town Assessor


LDS Consulting Report: Regarding Temple Shalom


Temple Shalom site Nov 5 Presentation

Coffman Realty presentation Nov 5th, 2009

Institutional/Commercial Development zoning article


PUBLIC HEARING dates Dec 21 & Jan 4

Hearing Guidelines

Temple Shalom Revelopment Traffic Impact Assessment December 17, 2009

Traffic Impact Assessment

Temple Shalom Redevelopment Traffic Impact Assessment Peer Review

Peer Review 1/29/2010

Vanasse & Associates response to Comments on Peer Review


Peer Review consultant comments to latest Vanasse comments

rcvd. 02/11/2010

Planning Board's Recommendation on Article 2 for Special Town Meeting starting Feb 22, 2010

2009 Planning Board Survey:




2009 survey questions

Cumulative Answers to Survey

Raw data on survey responses


Summary of survey responses

Completed Projects:



St. Pius Development

A townhouse condominium project on the former St. Pius rectory site

131 Eliot PUD

A proposal for a mixed-use development at the Hendries site

Thayer Nursery 2015 Special Permit

A special permit to operate a landscaping business pursuant to Section III.N

East Milton Restaurant

Site plan approval for a restaurant at 556 Adams St

Thayer Nursery 2016 Special Permit Application and supporting documents for a special permit for landscaping business use

Woodmere at Brush Hill

Woodmere at Brush HillApplication and supporting material for a cluster development at 865 Brush Hill Road.

Affordable Housing:
Affordable Housing Plan The Town's Affordable Housing Plan published in February 2006


Withdrawn Projects:



Milton Mews

Documents on the withdrawn Milton Mews 40B project