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Announcing PearlDamour's MILTON

PearlDamour's MILTON

MILTON is a multi-media live performance that uses audio interviews, artifacts, and dynamic projected video of the sky to connect 5 towns named Milton across the United States.

"What does it mean to be an American?" "Does an American community actually exist?"

After spending 5 years visiting 5 towns named Milton across the U.S., award-winning theater company PearlDamour brings their multi-media production of MILTON to Milton, MA!

Join us May 18-22 (FOR FREE!) at the Milton Public Library. Click here to RSVP


Coming up in April!

We hope you'll consider joining us for some exciting events coming up this April and beyond. You can visit for more information or contact

Coming up in April


Join us for the MILTON REFLECTING book discussion series!

Milton Reflecting Book Discussion

Introducing the Milton Reflecting Book Discussion Group! Once a month, the group will meet at the Milton Public Library to discuss books that celebrate the many cultures of Milton.

MILTON REFLECTING is hosting a range of awesome activities at ¡Celebrate Milton!

DATE: Sun, Oct 2
TIME: 12-4
PLACE: parking lot of Pierce Middle School (or field house if it's raining)

At 12pm:

Hear the Selectmen announce, via Official Proclamation, that "Milton Reflecting" is the town theme for the whole year! Kicking off at ¡Celebrate Milton! 2016 and concluding at ¡Celebrate Milton! 2017, MILTON REFLECTING is year-long series of creative programs, performances, and community story-circles, all designed to bring us together in fun, art-filled ways to claim, and celebrate, and yes-- reflect on!-- the extraordinary diversity of experiences that makes Milton... well, Milton.

From 2-3:

Join us in our first Milton Reflecting story circle: look through windows into someone else's experience, and find mirrors into your own. Using the Free Southern Theater's community-building technique of story circles, you will find yourself sharing your own stories and hearing the stories of your neighbors.Throughout the year, Milton Reflecting will host community dialogues in the form of story sharings, and this is our first one!  Stay with us the whole hour if you can. If you can't-- swing through and get a taste of what we're doing.

Anytime between 12-4:

Meet our team! Stop by our table and say hello to our lead artist, Katie Pearl (of PearlDamour theater company), lead organizer Ron Bell, and lots of other local partners. We’d love to meet you.

Get interviewed! The theater company PearlDamour would love to talk to YOU. Using 4 questions they've asked Miltonians around the country, l have a short, one-on-one or small group conversations. Talks will be recorded to be used in an upcoming installation at the library or in the performance they're making called MILTON: a play about 5 small towns named Milton (interviews used with your permission only).

Pick up a Milton Reflecting calendar of highlights! Find out about the range of activities happening this year, including Book Discussion Groups! Library concerts! A new multi-cultural music festival! An intergenerational Play festival! A Milton Dialogues group delving into facilitated dialogue around issues of race in Milton (sign up for it at our table)! An amazing new play about 5 towns named Milton, produced by the theater company PearlDamour and featuring local stories and voices from Miltons across the country! Children's Diversity Programming at the library! And more!

Help build a Giant Milton Reflecting Mobile! Led by artist Sue Hoy and the Milton Arts Center, join us in the  making of a GIANT MILTON REFLECTING MOBILE, to hang in the lobby of the library all year as a visual "home base" for MILTON REFLECTING. We need your help to make sure this mobile reflects YOU and YOUR PART of our Milton Community! We will have materials for you to help us create our big mobile hoops. We invite you to bring along old Tshirts, in blues/greys/white, that can be used in the mobile. Your Tshirts allow us to weave together the fabric (literally!) of our entire community! We also invite you to bring small mirrors, reflective material, or maps that represent your part of town or your part of the world. Where did your family come from? We'd like this mobile to contain maps of those places as well. Appropriate for all ages!

Come say hello to our Milton Reflecting team: Katie Pearl (PearlDamour), Ron Bell, Ricky Cintron, Karen Grace Horan (also of Citizens for a Diverse Milton), Sue Hoy (also of Milton Art Center), and others! We want to meet YOU!