Milton Reflecting

The Town of Milton is officially launching a year of creative community activity called MILTON REFLECTING!

MILTON REFLECTING is year-long series of creative programs, performances, and community story-circles designed to bring Milton residents of all ages together in fun, art-filled ways to claim, celebrate, and reflect on the extraordinary diversity of our town.

The launch happened via official proclamation by the Board of Selectmen at ¡Celebrate Milton! on October 2, 2016, in the back lot of Pierce Middle School. MILTON REFLECTING will conclude at ¡Celebrate Milton! 2017.


MILTON REFLECTING is the collaborative brain-child of a group of community organizations and individuals led by a partnership between the Milton Public Library and visiting national theater artists PearlDamour. The community cohort includes Citizens for a Diverse Milton, Milton Interfaith Clergy Association, Milton Art Center, Milton Dialogues, ¡Celebrate Milton!, Milton Public Schools, and the Elder Residences of Fuller Village, Winter Valley, and Unquity House, as well as individuals including Jenn Manak, Tanya Frank, Nancy Selig, and Jeff Stone. Ron Bell has recently joined MILTON REFLECTING as Lead Community Organizer, focusing on outreach, recruitment for special events, audience development and community relations.

Highlights of the MILTON REFLECTING calendar include:

A ‘group build’ of a Giant Milton Reflecting Mobile! Community story-circles! Themed Book Discussion Groups! Library concerts! A new multi-cultural music festival! An intergenerational play festival! A Milton Dialogues group coming together around issues of race in Milton (sign up for it at our table at Celebrate Milton)! The production of a new play about 5 towns named Milton, produced by the Nationally recognized theater company PearlDamour and featuring local stories alongside voices from Miltons across the country! Monthly children's diversity programming at the library! Interactive “sky watching” installation, where you can recline on loungers and gaze up at video of the sky taken over all 5 towns, listen to Miltonians from around the country talk about their lives and life philosophies, see photos and artifacts from all 5 Miltons, and share thoughts and stories about our own Milton.

All events are free and welcoming to all.

For specific scheduling and more information about the range of activities happening this year, contact Katie Pear or visit

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