Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

Appointed By: Board of Selectmen
Term Ending: June, 2018

Under the 1986 Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act, communities are required to establish an LEPC. The LEPC is tasked with developing response plans for chemical emergencies. In Milton, the LEPC has expanded its functions to work with the Emergency Management Department and to get involved in planning for all emergencies, either natural or man-made. Representatives of municipal government and  interested community organizations identify potential hazards and emergencies and prepare for them.

Activities include monthly planning meetings; reviews of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, the Hazardous Materials Response Plan, and the Infectious Disease Plan; assistance with the LEPC certification process; development of emergency guidelines for residents, town agencies, elderly housing facilities and public and private schools; and participation in table-top exercises and drills.

The LEPC is chaired by Sergeant Charles Caputo. The Community Right to Know Coordinator is Deputy Fire Chief Brian Linehan. The remaining members are representatives from the following agencies and organizations: Police Department, Fire Department, Auxillary Fire, Board of Health, Building Department, Emergency Management, Information Technology Department, Public Works, School Department, Curry College, Fallon Ambulance, Milton Academy, Milton Hospital, Milton Cable, Council on Aging, and Planning Department.

Board Members

Name Title
Charles Caputo Co-Chair, Milton Police (June 2018)
Brian Linehan Co-Chair, Milton Fire (June 2018)
William Clark Town Planner (June 2018)
Paige A. Eppolito Assistant Town Administrator (June 2018)
Margaret Gibbons Milton Schools (June 2018)
John J. Grant Milton Fire (June 2018)
Chris Grazioso Fallon Ambulance (June 2018)
Jay Hackett Milton Academy (June 2018)
Paul Hopkins RACES / Auxiliary Fire (June 2018)
John E. King Milton Police (June 2018)
Michael Lynch MPEG Access TV (June 2018)
Robert E. Mallett Information Technology (June 2018)
Thomas McCarthy Department of Public Works (June 2018)
Buddy McDermott RACES / Auxiliary Fire (June 2018)
Joseph Prondak Inspectional Services (June 2018)
William F. Ritchie Consolidated Facilities (June 2018)
Mary Ann Sullivan Council on Aging (June 2018)
Mark Williams Milton Emergency Management (June 2018)
Declan Carbery Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital (June 2018)
Michael D. Dennehy Town Administrator (June 2018)
Bernard Lynch MPEG Access TV (June 2018)
Caroline A. Kinsella, BSN, RN,RS Health Director/Public Health Nurse/Animal Inspector
Nancy J. Bersani