How Do I Dispose of...?

Not sure how to dispose of an item? We can help.

First, check the MassDEP Recyclopedia to see if it's recyclable in your blue cart.

If you can't recycle the item curbside, look for your item below. More information about the Recycling Center can be found on the Recycling Center page. The Recycling Center is open from 9am - 12 noon on the first Saturday of each month. 

If you don't see your item here, check MA Beyond the Bin to see how you can dispose of it. You can also call DPW at 617-898-4900 for information. Some items, like construction debris or auto parts, may require you to hire a private hauler.

All trash stickers, including yearly trash, weekly trash, yard waste, and large item stickers, are available at the Treasurer's Office at Town Hall, 617-898-4853.


Milton DPW encourages residents to follow the three principles of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Wherever possible, we have provided information about how items may be reused or recycled before they are disposed of as trash.

Basketball hoops

Consider re-selling your hoop on Facebook or Craiglist, or giving it away to someone who could use it. Bring metal pieces to the Recycling Center, where it can be recycled for free as scrap metal.Break down the hoop into pieces smaller than 4 feet or 40lbs. Usually, doing so will require splitting of metal beams and separation of plastic parts. If the hoop is weighted with sand, please empty the sand before disposing. Place one $3.00 sticker on each piece and dispose at the curb on your trash collection day.


Exercise equipment (treadmill, Nordic track, elliptical, rowing machine)


If the equipment is still functional, consider reselling or donating.

Exercise equipment is not recyclable.

For curbside pickup: Purchase a $35 large item sticker from the Treasurer's office at Town Hall. Call Sunrise Scavenger (617-361-8000) to schedule a pickup. 

For drop-off: Drop off at the Milton Recycling Center. Please place 3 (3) $3.00 stickers on each item. Metal items may be disposed as scrap metal free of charge.


Metal items

Functional items may be resold or donated.Scrap metal items and metal items that do NOT contain hazardous chemicals may be disposed of free of charge at the recycling center from 9am-12pm on the first Saturday of the month.See "Recycle"