Housing Committee


The housing committee shall study current and trending housing needs and coordinate the collaboration of a variety of advisors, stakeholders, and professionals to meet identified goals and objectives for housing in Milton, and to advance the vision and goals of the Housing Production Plan and the Master Plan. The committee’s work will strive to promote the vitality of Milton through best practices in community development.
The housing committee shall consist of six members: a Select Board representative, a Planning Board representative, a Master Plan Implementation Committee representative, a Trustee of the Affordable Housing Trust, a Milton resident, and a Planning Department representative (non-voting); The Chair shall have the responsibility for defining the composition of and forming the group, including that the chair shall nominate the member from the Board of Selectmen. Said nominee of the Chair must be presented at an open meeting of the Board of Selectmen and appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Selectmen.
The housing committee shall meet as needed but at least quarterly. The housing committee shall be a standing working committee. All projects shall adhere to federal, state, and municipal statutes and regulations. The committee shall be reorganized within two (2) weeks after the Annual Town Meeting. The housing committee may be dissolved only by a majority vote of the Board of Selectmen.

Appointed By: Select Board
Term Ending: July 2021

Board Members

Melinda A. Collins
Thomas Callahan
Kathleen M. O'Donnell
Danya Raphael
Arthur J. Doyle