Airplane Noise

How to File Airplane Noise Complaints

Milton is affected by concentrated aviation flight paths. The arrivals typically fly at altitudes of 1700-2500 feet when over Milton. R27 departures start at around 3500 feet when crossing Milton northwest to southeast. R33L departures are supposed to be at 10,000 feet over Milton but often are as low as the R27 departures.

In 2014 and 2013 Milton residents made more airplane noise complaints than any other community in the Logan area. We encourage residents to make their voices heard about the excessive noise and air pollution caused by these low flying jets and the unfair distribution of the 1,000 aircraft operations that occur at Logan daily.

The FAA uses MASSPORT’s Noise Abatement Office to collect citizen complaints. Information on filing complaints, how to use the flight track monitor, and other noise abatement information can be found on that site.

There are 2 ways to file a complaint:

  1. Online. Create an account on MASSPORTS Noise Complaint website. Many find this a good way to log complaints.
  2. Phone Call. Call the MASSPORT Noise Abatement Office at 617-561-3333. During normal business hours a person usually answers. At other times, you can leave a message at this same number. Callers can leave a message describing the incident after providing contact information such as name, address, and the time of when you experienced the aviation noise. Ask for a written response to your complaint.

Please contact the Town of Milton Selectmen's Office at 617-898-4843 with any additional questions.

It is helpful to the Town of Milton for you to register your complaints. Thank you for doing so. Please encourage your Milton friends and neighbors to file complaints when the noise and pollution bothers them.