Statement of the Milton Select Board

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On April 5, 2019 the Select Board voted to accept the resignation of Cindy Christiansen, Ph.D., from her appointed position as Massport CAC (Community Advisory Committee) representative, and to remove her from her roles as Massport CAC representative, Logan CAC representative and ex officio member of the Airplane Noise Advisory Committee (ANAC).  The Select Board is issuing this statement to respond to inaccurate information about this action.

An application for a criminal complaint was filed in Quincy District Court against Dr. Christiansen by a private party.  After hearings, on March 12, 2019, a Clerk Magistrate of the Quincy District Court declined to issue a complaint against Dr. Christiansen.  A representative of Town Counsel’s office attended a portion of the hearings as an observer, but the Select Board was not a party to that case and had no part in those hearings or that decision.

A separate written complaint was filed with the Select Board concerning an action of Dr. Christiansen which was alleged to involve illegal conduct.  The Select Board asked Town Counsel’s office to conduct a separate investigation to determine the facts as to whether Dr. Christiansen engaged in conduct inappropriate for a Select Board appointee.  The investigation was separate and distinct from the criminal proceeding mentioned above.  The investigation was handled in the same manner that the Select Board and the Town handle investigations of other employees and appointees, that is, it was a civil investigation aimed at determining facts, not a criminal investigation, and is a confidential personnel matter.  Before the investigation began, Dr. Christiansen was invited to a private meeting to give her the courtesy of an in-person notification that the Select Board had voted to authorize the investigation.  She declined to participate in the meeting.  The investigator asked to interview Dr. Christiansen as part of the investigation.  Dr. Christiansen declined to be interviewed.

The Select Board’s investigator interviewed other fact witnesses and prepared and submitted a report (“the report”) to the Select Board on March 21, 2019.  The Select Board provided Dr. Christiansen with a copy of the report because it is a personnel record that pertains to her.  Town Counsel has advised the Select Board that the report is otherwise exempt from disclosure under the Massachusetts Public Records Law.

The Select Board scheduled, with written notice to Dr. Christiansen, a properly posted executive session meeting for the morning of April 5, 2019 to discuss the report with Dr. Christiansen.  She declined to attend, and submitted to the Select Board her resignation as Milton’s appointed Massport CAC representative the afternoon before the meeting.  At that meeting, based on the findings in the investigator’s report, the Select Board voted in executive session to accept Dr. Christiansen’s resignation and to remove her from the appointed positions of Massport CAC Representative, Logan CAC Representative, and ANAC member. The Select Board’s meeting in executive session was conducted in accordance with the Open Meeting Law.  After the executive session, the Select Board reconvened in Open Session to confirm those actions.