Pay-As-You-Throw Program Information

Trash and Recycling Carts

The Town of Milton is a Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) community. This means that the Town charges a fee for each unit of trash thrown away. 

Recycling in Milton is complimentary. You may recycle as much material as you would like that follows single stream recycling guidelines

Most households in town participate in the cart-based program. Under this program:

  • The Town provides a 35-gallon black trash cart to a household. The fee for this cart is $156 per year. 
  • Trash that is placed in Town carts does not require a Pay-As-You-Throw sticker. 
  • Trash in any other type of cart or barrel, or in a bag, requires a $3 red sticker to be collected. Other bulky items such as furniture also require $3 stickers.
  • A discount is available for residents who will be at or over the age of 65 on July 1 of the billing year. An application form for the discount is available in the offices of the DPW, Town Hall, the Senior Center, and online at this link: Trash Fee Abatement Application. Please be prepared to provide proof of Milton residency and proof of age (Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Passport, or other legal document containing date of birth and legal address).
  • Households may opt out of the 35-gallon cart and trash bill. Households that opt out may still use $3 stickers to set out trash. You may opt out by filing an opt-out form with the Department of Public Works by June 1. The Trash Fee Abatement Application is available in the offices of the DPW. You must provide proof of residency to opt out, such as a driver’s license or recent utility or tax bill (within 60 days). If you have already received a Town cart, you will be required to return the cart in order to opt out. 

Residents who do not participate in the cart program may still receive trash collection by setting out trash with a $3 sticker on each bag or 32-gallon barrel. When using a barrel, place the sticker on top of the top bag of trash. Please note that while trash carts and barrels larger than 32 gallons are permitted, trash inside will require two stickers to be collected. 

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