Pools and Beaches


Form Name


Public and Semi-Public Swimming Pools

Application for Public or Semi-Public Swimming, Wading, or Spa Pool Permit

Beach Permit Application

Application for Bathing Beach Permit

Regulations for Beaches:  

Beach Regulations 105 CMR 445.000 Minimum Standards for Bathing Beaches
Warning No Swimming SignageMust post whenever the bathing water quality does not meet the requirements of 105 CMR 445.030, 105 CMR 445.032, or after any significant rainstorm at a bathing beach where there has been a history of
violations of the water quality requirements contained in 105 CMR 445.030
105 CMR 432.000Minimum requirements for personal floatation devices for minor children at municipal and recreational programs and camps
Swim and Fit Test Model Documentation Form 105 CMR 432.000Form complies with 105 CMR 432.000

Regulations for Swimming Pools:

105 CMR 435.000State code for the minimum standards for public and semi-public swimming pools. Enforced by the state and local board of health
Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety ActFederal pool requirements in effect as of December 19, 2008, designed to prevent serious injuries and fatalities associated with suction entrapment in pools and spas.
ADA Regulations for Swimming PoolsADA Regulations for Swimming Pools
Pool Bacterial Water Quality Testing RequirementsBacterial Water Quality Testing Requirements for the Town of Milton
Chemical Testing Log FormPool chemical logs
Chemical Testing InstructionsPool Chemical Instructions
PolicyPool Closure
PolicyFecal, Vomit and Blood Incidents: Prevention and Response


Fecal Incident Response GuidelinesFecal Incident Response Guidelines
List of CPO coursesList of Certified Pool Operator (CPO) courses in compliance with 105 CMR 435.000
Equivalent Pool Supervisor Lifeguard and Training CoursesThe following sixteen (16) hour courses and certifications have been reviewed and approved by the MA Department of Public Health as being equivalent
training for pool supervisors.
List of Communicable DiseasesThis memo is intended to clarify the term “communicable disease” as it is found in 105 CMR 435.00: Minimum Standards For Swimming Pools. Specifically, 435.22(1) restricts an individual with a communicable disease from working at a swimming, wading or special purpose pool and 435.22(3) requires that a sign be posted at the same locations that states, “ No person with a communicable disease is allowed to use the pool.” The regulation solely applies to communicable diseases that are transmitted through water.