Food Establishments

General Application for Food Permit:

Applications Description
General Application for all Food EstablishmentsAll food establishments must fill this out for a food establishment permit annually

Plan Reviews:

Applications & Guidelines


Food Establishment Plan Review ApplicationAny establishment interested in storing, preparing, packaging, serving, vending, or otherwise providing food for human consumption is required to obtain a permit to operate a food establishment in the Town of Milton. A plan review must be completed prior to the issuance of a food permit. This application must be completed by the applicant for any food establishment (retail, sit down, take out, etc), except the following: residential kitchens, temporary food permits.
Residential Kitchen Plan Review ApplicationApplication for new residential kitchen applicants 

Temporary Food Events:

Applications & GuidelinesDescription
Application for Temporary Food EventsApplication for Indoor and Outdoor Temporary Food Events
Guidelines for Temporary Food EventsGuidelines for Indoor and Outdoor Temporary Food Events Checklist
Temporary Food Events Q&AQuestions and Answers for TFE from MDPH Food Protection Program


Applications & GuidelinesDescription
Catering Registration ApplicationRegistration for Catered Events for non-Milton Caterers
Catering LogLog Form for Registered Catering Events

Farmer's Market:

Applications & GuidelinesDescription
Farmer's Market Permit Application Application for Seasonal Farmers Market Applicants 
Milton Farmer's Market Vendor Checklist  Food Safety Checklist for Vendors 
Farmer's Market Guidelines Guidelines from the MA Department of Public Health's Food Protection Program 
Farmer's Market Q&AQuestions and Answers for Farmers Markets from MDPH Food Protection Program


Federal Food CodeFederal Food Code
Merged Food CodeFederal Code adopted by Massachusetts and amended by 105 CMR 590.00 pertaining to the sanitation of food establishments. Enforced by the local Board of Health
Food Employee Illness Reporting Agreement FormRequired per the Food Code (sample template)
Written Procedure for Vomit/Diarrhea CleanupRequired per the food code. Please have on-site in the food establishment
Choke Saver RegulationsChoke Saver Requirement for Establishments with 25 or More Seats
Allergen PosterRequired to be posted in all food establishments per 105 CMR 590
Consumer Advisory RequirementsRequired Per the Food Code
MA Minimum Labeling RequirementsHow to properly label pre-packaged foods
Frozen Dessert Bacterial Testing RequirementsThis memorandum provides the Food Protection Program’s policy on licensing and testing requirements for 105 CMR 500.000 Good Manufacturing Practices for Food.

Helpful Info for Food Establishments:

Helpful Food ResourcesDescription
Examples of TCS FoodsTime and Temperature Control for Food Safety (TCS)
Safe Refrigerator Storage DiagramHow to safely store your food items in your refrigerators
Certified Food Protection Manager CoursesList of MDPH approved vendors for Certified Food Protection Manager Training
Allergen Awareness Training CoursesLIst of MDPH approved vendors for Allergen Awareness Training
Chokesaver TrainersList of trainers who train in choke safe procedures
Emergency Handbook for Food Establishment OperatorsGuidelines for food establishments when dealing with emergency situations/ disasters
Safe Handling of Shellfish at RetailHow to safely handle shellfish at the retail level
CBD in FoodFactsheet on CBD Restrictions in Food
Potluck Events Advisory

Implementation of Chapter 230 of the Acts of 2014, “An Act Relative to Potluck Events” (October 2014)

Cooking for Groups Potluck GuidanceUSDA's publication on food safety guidance for potluck events
Using Latex GlovesGuidelines on Latex Glove Use in Retail Food Establishments