State and Federal Regulations

If the regulations you need are not listed below, call the State House Bookstore at 617-727-2834.

Copies of regulations downloaded from this web page are not considered "Certified True Copies" and should be used as guidelines only. To ensure you have a complete and true copy of the desired regulations you are encouraged to purchase a copy at the State House Bookstore.

Department of Public Health (DPH) Regulations are found in section 105 of the CMR's.

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Regulations are found in section 310 of the CMR's.

Local Board of Health Regulations can be  reached from the main Health Department page; click on the 'Board of Health Regulations' link.

Food Safety Regulations and Information:

Special Operations:

Housing Regulations:

Nuisances Regulations:

Septic Systems Regulations:

Swimming Pool Regulations:

Camps Regulations:

Tanning Facilities Regulations: