MassDOT Project - Reconstruction of the Granite Avenue at Squantum Street Intersection

MassDOT is currently planning and designing the reconstruction of the intersection of Granite Avenue at Squantum Street, which is a state-owned intersection.  On March 29th, MassDOT held a 25% design public hearing to roll-out the preliminary plans for the general public and solicit comments and concerns.

The following information can be found below:

-The 25% design plans.

-The slide show from the 25% Design Hearing held on 03/29/17.

-The handout from the 25% Design Hearing.

Please note that the last 2 pages of the handout (when printed on a 2-sided page) can be used as a mailer to provide written comments to MassDOT.  Any comments written comments received within 10 days following the Public Hearing will be official comments in the public record and will be considered as the design process progresses.  

This project will be completed using 10% State and 90% Federal transportation funding. As the design process is not yet complete, there is currently no set schedule for construction, though the project could potentially start as early as 2018.