2021 General Construction Projects

The following projects are slated for the 2021 construction season.  For further information, please contact Marina Fernandes in the Engineering Department at 617-898-4870.

Any issues or concerns regarding construction projects may be submitted here.

Roadways and Sidewalk Reconstruction

Roadways and sidewalks are considered for reconstruction based on the current condition of the roads as recorded by Town's Pavement Management Program which relies on inspection and rating of each town roadway. The roads slated for FY22 are below:

Paving projects of 2021 streets highlighted

The following streets were paved in July 2021:

  • Rowe Street (Adams St to Edgehill Rd)
  • Reservation Road (Adams St to Edgehill Rd)
  • Waldeck Street (Adams St to Edgehill Rd)
  • Otis Street (Adams St to Edgehill Rd)
  • Garden Street (Edgehill Rd to Huntington Rd)
  • Webster Road (Edgehill Rd to Dead End)
  • Warner Road (Webster Rd to Huntington Rd & Garden St to Governors Rd)

The following streets are tentatively targeted for sidewalk repairs in August 2021:  

  • Walnut Street (Clapp St to Reedsdale Rd)
  • Stanton Street (Magnolia Rd to Fairbanks Rd)
  • Fairbanks Road (Central Ave to Walnut St)
  • Magnolia Road (Bonad Rd to Walnut St)
  • Bonad Road (Clapp St to Fairbanks Rd)
  • Taylor Road (Magnolia Rd to Fairbanks Rd)

The following streets are tentatively targeted sidewalk repairs in October 2021: (updates to follow).

  • Rowe Street (Adams St to Edgehill Rd)
  • Reservation Road (Adams St to Edgehill Rd)
  • Waldeck Street (Adams St to Edgehill Rd)
  • Otis Street (Adams St to Edgehill Rd)
  • Warner Road (Webster Rd to Huntington Rd)
  • Foster Lane (Adams St to Cul-de-sac) 
  • Garden Street (Edgehill Rd to Huntington Rd) - EVEN SIDE ONLY
  • Webster Road (Edgehill Rd to Dead End) - EVEN SIDE ONLY
  • Huntington Road (Edgehill Rd to Garden St) - ODD SIDE ONLY

*Reconstruction of sidewalks and pavement of roadways are done by different contractors so schedules may vary.

Reedsdale Road/Brook Road/Central Avenue Intersection Improvements

Reedsdale Road at Brook Road and Central Avenue

This intersection improvement project was submitted by community members during the public outreach portion of the Town’s Tier 2 Prioritization Application. This is a 5-way intersection where the section of Rt.28 under the Town’s jurisdiction intersects with Central Avenue and Brook Road. Pierce Middle School is located directly adjacent to the western edge of the intersection, and all of the roads serve as important network connectors for many nearby facilities in Town including the Milton High School, 2 Public Parks, Glover Elementary School, Saint Mary’s Elementary School, and Milton Hospital. Limits of the work is shown in the map below.

The Town has reconstructed roadways and sidewalks on 4 out of the 5 legs of this intersection over the last ten years and has implemented ADA compliant pedestrian facilities as well as bicycle facilities on each roadway during those projects. Milton also recently implemented a Road Diet funded by the MassDOT Shared Streets and Spaces Grant along the northbound section of Rt. 28 (Brook Road) which terminates at this intersection (see description of this ongoing project on this page). The intersection signal currently supports pedestrian and bicycle facilities; however updates are needed to bring the signals into ADA compliance, reconstructing crossings to add ADA compliant pedestrian refuge, and restriping the intersection to help guide all types of users safely through it as they approach the intersection from formalized bike lanes and sidewalks.

This is a MassDOT Shared Streets and Spaces Grant project and is schedule for design starting in the next month. Implementation of this design is scheduled for completion by December of 2022.

Intersection Improvements Adams Street at Squantum Street*

The purpose of this project is to improve traffic and safety for all users along Adams Street from Pillon Road to Brook Road including the intersection of Adams Street with Squantum Street. Specific improvements will be made to pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and safety along the corridor, while also rehabilitating the roadway pavement. Proposed improvements include roadway widening with areas of full depth construction and pavement milling and overlay, sidewalk construction, bicycle accommodations and new signs and pavement markings.

Improvements to the intersection of Adams Street with Squantum Street include the installation of a traffic signal for improved and safer operations for all roadway users. Signal coordination will also be provided between the intersections of Adams Street with Squantum Street and Brook Road, due to their close proximity.

This project is planned to be funded as a MassDOT Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) project and is currently in the 25% Design stage.

*Project plan is linked at the bottom of the page.

Stormwater Repair, Cleaning, and Investigation Contract at Various Locations

The Engineering Department is currently overseeing contract D-20-1, which primarily consists of performing point repairs, pipe relays, trenchless repairs/pipe lining including 1340 linear feet of cured-in-place liner and 58 linear feet of cured-in-place short liner, and the additional cleaning and televising of various stormwater drains throughout the Town. This contract was awarded to Commonwealth Construction LLC in October 2020. All dig and replace work has been completed. Trenchless methods of repairs are expected to be completed by November 2021.

In addition, the Town is taking a proactive stance with the CCTV and cleaning of drains. This work will remove sediment and roots from drain lines in order to ensure that they are able to function at their maximum capacity. The television data obtained from this project will also allow the Engineering Department to identify any deficiencies and issues in the overall system which can be repaired or rehabilitated under future contracts.


Brook Road - Road Diet (Project Plans)

A traffic calming project funded by MassDOT Shared Streets and Spaces Grant was completed in September 2020. A post implementation evaluation and subsequent updates were completed in October 2021.

Brook Road – From Central Avenue to Blue Hills Parkway. 

The Brook Road Road Diet aimed to provide additional space for pedestrians and bicyclists by reallocating existing road-widths from wide travel lanes and shoulders along the corridor. By reallocating space, Brook Road became a safer environment for all users – including vehicle motorists, bus passengers, bicycle riders, and people on foot. Parking protected bike lanes connected neighborhood roads to the St. Mary’s School and Pierce Middle School gave students a safer route to school; painted buffers increased the perception of safety for pedestrians and bicyclists who are now separated from moving vehicles; and designated pick-up and drop-off spaces at the schools eased tensions resulting from a demand for road space. 

Safety improvements along the Brook Road corridor were ranked number one in priority by the community during a 2019 Town-wide survey evaluating potential projects for MassDOT's Complete Streets Grant Program. 

The existing 55-foot right-of way was restriped with paint funded by the grant and included a protected bicycle lane in both directions, painted buffers, one travel lane in both directions, and a parking lane south of the St. Mary’s School to operate as parking and school pick-up and drop-off at the St. Mary’s School and the Pierce Middle School. 

Buffered bicycle lanes on Brook Road increased safety and the ability to social distance for all users, especially students walking and biking to school. By adding a bicycle lane and buffered area on existing roadway vehicle traffic has less space to drive and therefore slows down. This is particularly important on Brook Road as the majority of the corridor is adjacent to schools or a park, both popular destinations for pedestrians and bicyclists.

 Pick-Up / Drop-Off School Zone and Parking 

The John L. Kelly Field and Playground on the western side of Brook Road requires parking for park goers, and the schools needed dedicated space for parents to drop children off in the morning and pick students up in the afternoon and evenings. This project acknowledged these needs and provided parking along the fence and a pick-up / drop-off zones for the schools. These zones were clearly marked by signs purchased with grant awarded funds.  

Brook Road facing west towards intersection Brook Road facing west towards intersection Brook Road facing east

East Milton Square Deck Project

Improvements to the East Milton Square Bridge Deck and its surrounding road ways and infrastructure will optimize mobility for all throughout East Milton Square and creating a more inviting environment for visitors to Manning Park. This work is being overseen and administered by MassDOT. For an update on progress please visit: https://www.mass.gov/east-milton-square-bridge-deck-reconstruction-project