2020 Watermain Improvements Project

Spring 2020

Project Updates

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  • CCU has completed the installation of new water main on Walnut Street and the majority of Fairbanks Road
  • On Monday, June 15th they will tie in the new water main on Fairbanks Road to the existing water main on Central Avenue.
  • On Tuesday, June 16th they will continue, and should complete, the installation of water main on Fairbanks Road.
  • The remainder of next week will be spent installing hydrants and preparing to disinfect and sample the new water mains on Walnut Street and Fairbanks Road for water quality.
  • They have also begun connecting residents in phase 2 of the project to temporary bypass piping and will continue to make these connections next week.
  • The repalcement of the water main on Magnolia Road should begin on the week of June 22nd.


  • Today CCU began replacing the watermain on Walnut Street. 
  • This work will take 3-4 days and then they will begin replacing the watermain on Fairbanks Road.
  • All trenches excavated this week will be paved on Friday 6/5/2020.


  • At this time both phases of the temporary bypass system have been disinfected and have successfully passed all water quality testing requirements.
  • Commonwealth Construction and Utilities Inc. (CCU) will be connecting residences to the temporary bypass system Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. 
  • Next week they will begin the actual work of replacing the watermains.


  • Commonwealth Construction and Utilities Inc. (CCU) will complete the installation of all temporary bypass piping today.
    • Going forward the project area will be broken into two (2) phases
      • Phase 1 will include Walnut Street and Fairbanks Road
      • Phase 2 will include Magnolia Road, Stanton Road, and Taylor Road
    • At this time they have begun the disinfection process for Phase 1 of the temporary bypass system and are scheduled to take water quality samples next week.
    • If the samples meet water quality standards the contractor will begin connecting residences in the Phase 1 area to the bypass sytstem starting as early as Friday, May 22nd - you will recieve a notice before this work begins.
  • Tomorrow, Friday, May 15th, the contractor will be on site to pave their trenches and clean the project area.
  • With the exception of personnel being on site for water quality sampling most construction activity will be suspended starting Saturday, May 16th and will resume Friday May 22nd. 


  • Commonwealth Construction and Utilities Inc. (CCU) will be on site beginning Monday, May 11th, 2020
  • They will begin by setting up their work site including delivering materials and equipment to the site; setting up construction signs, cones, and barrels; as well as installing sediment controls in catch basins, and setting up rodent control throughout the neighborhood.
  • Over the next two weeks they will be setting up temporary bypass piping, starting on Walnut Street, and working their way through the entire project area. 
    • The work schedule will be 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM while bypass piping is being installed.
    • These pipes will be laid out along the roadway gutter and along the back of sidewalks, and gravel ramps will be installed over them at each driveway. 
  • Once the bypass piping is installed it will be chlorinated and sampled for water quality before being connected to any residences.
  • Please ensure that vehicles are not parked in the roadway during the workday while the bypass piping is being installed. 


  • Commonwealth Construction and Utilities Inc. will be the contractor on this project and are expected to begin working the week of May 11th, 2020.

Project Overview

The work under this contract will consist of, but is not limited to the relaying of existing 6-inch 
cast-iron watermain with new 8-inch ductile-iron watermain on Walnut Street, Fairbanks Road, 
Magnolia Road, Stanton Road, and Taylor Road
for a total of approximately 3,640 linear feet of 
8-inch watermain and all related valves, hydrants, service connections, bypass piping, temporary 
pavement and safety signs. 

Any issues or concerns during this project may be submitted here.

Plans and Specifications may be downloaded below.