2020 Construction Projects

The following projects are slated for the 2020 construction season.  For further information, please contact John Thompson in the Engineering Department at 617-898-4900.

Any issues or concerns regarding construction projects may be submitted here.

Watermain Replacement

The watermains will be replaced on the following roadways beginning in May 2020:

  • Walnut Street
  • Fairbanks Road
  • Magnolia Road
  • Stanton Road
  • Taylor Road

More details regarding this project may be found on the 2020 Watermain Replacement Project Page

Chapter 90 Roadway Program

The following streets are targeted for paving in 2020.  This list is subject to change pending funding, please check back this spring for more details:

  • Adams Street  (Granite Avenue to Quincy Line) - This will be a temporary overlay of the roadway only, bridging the gap to a future project that can address sidewalks and additional improvements
  • Squantum Street (Granite Avenue to Quincy Line)
  • Foster Lane
  • Berlin Avenue
  • Antwerp Street
  • Governor Stoughton Lane

Sewer Pump Station Replacement - Hillside Street near Carrisbrooke Road

The Milton DPW will be replacing its Hillside Street sewer pumping station in the Spring of 2020.  The work is being performed to replace aging and undersized utility infrastructure and increase efficiency.    

Sewer I/I

This year, the Engineering Department will be overseeing design and constrcution of "Year 15" of the Town's capital improvements plan for sewer inflow and infiltration (I/I) reduction. Sewer pipes and manholes in the following locations will be cleaned, inspected and lined and sealed as necessary to prevent groundwater infiltration into the sewer system. It is crucial to eliminate clean groundwater from flowing into the sewer system, as it increases the volume of waste water being conveyed to the MWRA for treatment, thus driving up costs to the Town. Please check back later this winter for more information on the scope and locations of this work.

Various Location Stormwater System Cleaning and Investigation

The Engineering Department is currently overseeing a contract to clean and televise approximately 98,000 linear feet of stormwater drains throughout the Town. This work will remove sediment and roots from drain lines in order to ensure that they are able to function at their maximum capacity. The television data obtained from this project will also allow the Engineering Department to see inside of the Town's drainage pipes which will help identify any deficiencies and issues in the overall system which can be repaired or rehabilitated under future contracts. This contract was awarded to Next Level Environmental, LLC in October 2019 and is expected to be completed by April 2020.

Various Location Stormwater Repair Contract

In the Spring of 2020 the Engineering Department will be designing and putting out to bid a contract to perform point repairs, pipe relays, and other small improvements to the Town's stormwater system both to address known issues as well as new issues found during the investigation contract. Please check back this spring for more details.