2019 Construction Projects

The following projects are slated for 2019.  For further information, please contact John Thompson in the Engineering Department at 617-898-4900.

Project updates for 2019 Roadway and Sidewalk Reconstruction can be found here.

For Information on the Lincoln Street Pedestrian Improvements Project please go here.

Information regarding Micro Surfacing in the Truro Lane neighborhood can be found here.

Chapter 90 Roadway Program

The following streets are targeted for paving in 2019.  This list is subject to change pending funding:

  • Adams Street*  (Granite Avenue to Quincy Line) - This will be a temporary overlay of the roadway only, bridging the gap to a future project that can address sidewalks and additional improvements
  • Alvin Avenue
  • Brackett Street
  • Bunton Street
  • Cedar Terrace Street
  • Eaton Street*
  • Emerson Road* (Granite Avenue to Church Street)
  • Howard Street*
  • Johnson Street
  • Rockwell Avenue
  • Rockwell Place
  • Washington Street
  • Victory Avenue

*Denotes streets in areas where utility construction will be taking place. In these areas, roadway work will follow completion of subsurface utilities. 

Adams Street Gas Main Reconstruction

National Grid will begin early in Spring 2019 to replace the existing cast iron gas main on Adams Street between Granite Avenue and the Quincy line with new 12-inch plastic pipe This project should be completed by the end of Summer 2018.  After the gas main work has been completed, the Town will resurface Adams Street.

Reconstruction of Granite Avenue at Squantum Street intersection - MassDOT

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is began reconstruction of the Granite Avenue at Squantum Street intersection in the Spring of 2018. The project will be completed in the summer of 2019 and will include the installation of new traffic signal equipment and dedicated left turn lanes on Granite Avenue, as well as geometrical changes to improve pedestrian and bicycle accomodations through the intersection. 

Water Main Replacement Project

Water mains will be renewed or replaced on the following roads:

  • Berlin Avenue
  • Eaton Street
  • Howard Street

Work includes replacing water mains and water services from the main to the property line at all residences. Work is expected to begin early April 2019 and finish in the summer of 2019.

Milton Police Station - Stormwater Improvements

The Town of Milton DPW recently received a Coastal Pollutant Remediation (CPR) Grant from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) to install bioretention cells and a grassed swale behind the Milton Police Station to collect and clean surface runoff from the parking area before it is discharged to the Unquity Brook headwaters. This project is expected to begin in April 2019 and be completed before July 2019.

Sewer Pump Station Replacement - Hillside Street near Carrisbrooke Road

The Milton DPW will be replacing its Hillside Street sewer pumping station in the Summer of 2019.  The work is being performed to replace aging and undersized utility infrastructure and increase efficiency.  Work is expected to be completed by November 2019.  

Sewer I/I

This year, the Engineering Department will be overseeing design and constrcution of "Year 14" Town's capital improvements plan for sewer inflow and infiltration (I/I) reduction. Sewer pipes and manholes in the following locations will be cleaned, inspected and lined and sealed as necessary to prevent groundwater infiltration into the sewer system. It is crucial to eliminate clean groundwater from flowing into the sewer system, as it increases the volume of waste water being conveyed to the MWRA for treatment, thus driving up costs to the Town.

Milton Street

Alvin Avenue

Atherton Street

Dana Avenue

Brush Hill Road

Big Blue Drive

Corey Lane

Granite Avenue

Cushing Road

Granite Place

Webster Road

Adams Street

Huntington Road

Pierce Street

Garden Street

Mechanic Street

Governors Road

Bunton Street

Plymouth Avenue

Brackett Street

Grafton Avenue

Washington Street

Sheldon Street

Rockwell Avenue

Bryant Avenue

Rockwell Place

State Street

Eaton Street

Bradlee Lane

Victory Avenue

Caroline Drive

Foster Lane

Fuller Village Road

Pond Street