The Town of Milton Massachusetts purchased the streetlights from Nstar electric in 2002. This purchase substantially reduced the cost of providing street lighting and improved the repair time for malfunctioning lights.

The Milton DPW Wire division maintains 3300 streetlights and employs 2 licensed electricians. About 600 streetlights fail each year and are restored by the streetlight repair crew. The average repair time for a streetlight outage is 3-5 days, some streetlights take longer to restore depending on the repair required.

Not all streetlights in the Town of Milton are DPW maintained. Nstar maintains the Streetlights owned by Mass DCR (Dept. of Conservation and Recreation) on DCR roads. The following is the list of DCR roads:

  • Blue Hill Parkway
  • Neponset Valley Parkway
  • Green Street
  • Truman Highway
  • Unquity Road
  • Blue Hill River Road
  • The Canton end of Hillside Street

If you would like to report a malfunctioning streetlight on a DCR road please call EverSource at 1-866-663-6782.

If you would like to report a streetlight outage for Town owned streetlights you can call at 617-898-4900 or Report A Problem Online. The best location is the pole number (as shown below) with the nearest street address. Many repairs are made during the day and a good location helps speed up the repair. 1 out of 10 lights repaired fail and need a second repair, if a second repair is needed please let us know and the repair crew will return to resolve the outage.

For other streetlight issues please call 617-898-4972.