Adams Street - Water Main and Storm Drain Rehabilitation Project

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Drain line installation continues on Adams Street through the Business District.  To date, the Town's contractor has installed approximately 250 linear feet of 15-inch drain pipe from, Granite Avenue to Franklin Street.  Subsurface excavation and installation of the drain in this area is extremely challenging due to presence of so many existing utilities in the street, however, construction is progressing steadily with only a few minor interferences so far. 

The Contractor has to install approximately 250 additional feet of drain through the business district (from Franklin Street to Church Street) which will continue to be performed at night.  This work is expected to continue for approximately 3-4 weeks, barring any conflicts with existing utilities.  

Once clear of the business district, drain line installation from Church Street to Washington Street (approximately 1150 feet) will occur during regular daytime hours and is currently expected to last approximately 6 weeks, again, barring any conflicts with existing utilities.


Please be advised that construction to replace the storm drain on Adams Street (between Granite Avenue and the Quincy Line) will begin today, Friday, April 20th, 2018. This work will mostly entail excavating a trench through the middle of Adams Street which will have a significant impact on traffic and parking while the work is ongoing, and may result in limiting this section of Adams Street to one-way traffic at any given time. In order to have the work completed as quickly as possible and to minimize the impacts of the construction to the nearby businesses the Town has directed it's contractor to complete the work between Granite Avenue and Church Street during the night hours of 7:00 PM - 5:30 AM Sunday night through Thursday morning, beginning the night of Monday, April 23rd and should take approximately 4 weeks after which time they will resume working during the day for the remainder of the project. Additionally the Town has granted the contractor permission to work on Saturdays during the day as necessary to help expedite the project and give the contractor access to the site during daylight hours in areas where visibility is critical to accurately installing the new drainage system. 

Please note that due to an abundance of utilities on Adams Street that this is a complex project for which an accurate timeline is not always possible to produce. However, we will make every effort to ensure that  residents continue to stay informed with the progress of the project and any updates to the schedule. Please check here frequently to see any changes. There will also be police details on site at all times to assist motorists and pedestrians around the site, as well as message boards located on site which will also be regularly updated with any relevant project information.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the Department of Public Works at (617) 898-4900.

Thank you,

Milton DPW


Watermain lining and installation has been completed on Adams Street, Washington Street, and Rockwell Avenue.  The watermain replacement work still remaining will be on Rockwell Place and Victory Avenue.  The contractor will also begin relaying water services beginning next week.  This work will involve the installation of 1-inch copper pipe from the new watermains to curb stop valves which will be located near each residence's property line.  Temporary loss of water may occur while this work is being performed, and the contractor will be notifyingh each resident as to when this work is anticipated.  The contractor's 2 week look-ahead can be seen below in the links.

Please be advised that due to abnormally cold overnight temperatures over the Veterans Day weekend, resident's THAT ARE STILL CONNECTED TO BYPASS PIPING VIA HOSES should leave one faucet slightly cracked open and running overnight.  By doing so, water within the hoses will stay running ever so slightly making them less likely to freeze.  Again, this is only necessary if you are still connected to a temporary hose.  Please see our notification letter below in the links.


The general contractor, A. Vozella and Sons, has completed the cleaning and lining of the Adams Street watermain.  The watermain has passed pressure testing procedures and is now undergoing bacteriological testing prior to being put online.  The following work still remains on Adams St, which is expected to be completed in the next 2-3 weeks:

- Clean-up and temporary paving of water trenches (some of this work will occur on Saturday, 9/30/17)

- Connection of the Franklin Street watermain to the newly lined main in Adams St

- Connection of the Pierce Street and Mechanic Street watermains to the newly lined main in Adams St.  These two connections can only be made after some prep work by the gas company.  The gas mains have to removed and relocated prior to installation of the watermains.  

- Reconnection of all building and house services to the new watermain.  

Once the above work is completed, the Contractor will be moving his operation to Washington St, Rockwell Ave, and Johnson Street to upgrade watermain facilities at these locations.  At this time, all planned drainage work on Adams Street is expected to occur next spring.  


The contractor will be taking samples from the bypass pipe today, if the test results pass then they will begin to switch residents and businesses over to bypass piping. The contractor will also continue digging access pits for the cleaning and lining work. If everything goes accordingly this will allow the cleaning and lining process to begin at the end of next week. The contractor will also begin placing bypass pipe on Washington Street and start the sampling process there as well. 


The contractor completed all of the required test pits last week. This week the contractor will begin installing the bypass piping for the project. This pipe is installed in order to feed water to residents and businesses who's water services will be disconnected from the water main while it is being rehabilitated. This work involves laying out the bypass pipe, inlcuding any trenching that is required for it to cross the street and driveways, as well as chlorination and testing of the pipe to ensure that it is safe to carry drinking water. Once this has been completed residents and businesses will be switched over to the bypass pipe until the water main in the street is rehabilitated. Any residents or business who will be affected by this work will receive notice before any such work commences. Milton police will continue alternating traffic as necessary during this work and no detours are anticipated.


Work on the project began today.  This week, the contractor will be digging isolated test pits along Adams Street to locate existing utilities and to ensure no conflicts will occur once trenching begins.  Currently, Milton Police are alternating both lanes of traffic around the work sites and no detours are in place.

The Contractor's initial schedule is now available and can be seen by clicking the attachment at the bottom of this page.


Work to rehabilitate the water main, through a cleaning and lining process, and replace the drainage system on Adams Street between Granite Avenue and the Quincy line will begin on Monday, July 10.  The project is expected to continue through the fall.

Work between Church Street and the Quincy line will take place during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Work between Granite Avenue and Church Street will occur between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m., Monday through Thursday.

Milton police traffic details will be on-site throughout the project, with the roadway being kept open to at least westbound traffic at all times. Parking will be maintained in areas where work is not occurring.  However, commuters who regularly travel on Adams Street are urged to find alternate routes.

Water mains will also be replaced on Washington Street and Rockwell Avenue, though this work will occur later this summer.

Notifications, which will include project contact information, will be this week to project abutters. Residents and businesses can also email to be added to a project email distribution list. 

The contractor for the project is A. Vozzella & Sons of Brockton, the contract amount for the project is $2,240,935.51.  The project is funded in part by a zero percent interest loan from the MWRA for water system improvements.  The project is being undertaken because Milton DPW's 2014 water system study and capital plan identified this area as needing fire flow and water quality improvements.  This is largely because the existing water main on Adams Street is over 100 years old, cast iron and unlined.  Unlined cast iron water mains over time accumulate iron deposits that build up on the inside walls of the pipe, reducing the effective diameter of the pipe and the amount of water that can flow through them.  This project will clean the existing water main, restoring it to its original diameter and capacity, and cast an epoxy liner on the inside of the pipe to prevent future build-up of iron deposits and ensure the structural integrity of the pipe moving forward. 

Epoxy Lining Process