Bylaw Review Committee

The Town Bylaw Review Committee consists of five members appointed by the Moderator to review the Town’s existing General Bylaws and to make recommendations, if any, to Town Meeting as to additions, deletions and changes to, and organization of the Bylaws.

The Committee will submit a report annually in the Town’s Annual Report as to its activities. The Committee's charter expires on the third anniversary of its first meeting (first quarter of 2020), unless extended by vote of the Town Meeting

Certain Bylaws are excluded from the scope of the committee including Chapter 10 (the Zoning Bylaw), Chapter 13 (the Personnel Administration Bylaw), Chapter 15 (the Wetlands Bylaw) and Chapter 21 (the Stormwater Management Bylaw).

Appointed By: Town Moderator
Term Ending: 2019

Board Members

Name Title
Ingrid Beattie Member
Peter A. Mullin Chair
Susan A. Kiernan Member
Elizabeth A. Lane Member
Alexander Whiteside Member