Application Instructions

Board of Appeals Rules for filing Applications Instructions 617-898-4924



Application must be filed with the Board of Appeals at the Town Hall and be accompanied by a check payable to the Town of Milton in the amount of $100.00. All fees are non-refundable.

The petitioner shall pay for all postage and legal ads associated with the Petition. (Postage includes mailings to Legal Abutters & Petitioners abutting Planning Boards.  The total amount of Postage Legal Fees must be paid by check (Made out to the Town of Milton) prior to the hearing.

The Legal notice will be placed in the Milton Times by the Board of Appeals and paid by the Petitioner prior to the Hearing.  All costs for Legal Notice must be paid by the Petitioner prior to the hearing.

The Application shall also include:

3 copies of each:

Plans and Decision(s) from any other Boards or Commissions.

Denial Letter or Violation Notice received from the Town of Milton Building Department.

Certified plot plan and all other related plans and documents.

The application shall state if the Petitioner is the owner of the land or their agent.  If agent; a letter authorizing the agent to speak for all owners.

The Appeal process time frame:

Completed Application and all required Documentation is filed with the Town Clerk, starts the process. The Board has 65 days to schedule a Public Hearing. The Board has 100 days, from the date of filing with the Board start of the process, to render a decision on a Variance. The Board has 90 days, from the close of the hearing, to render a Decision on a Special Permit.

The Public Hearing must be published in a local newspaper for two consecutive weeks and the first week cannot be closer than two weeks to the Public Hearing date.

When the Decision is rendered in writing by the Board of Appeals, a copy is filed with the Town Clerk.  That begins a 20-day Appeal Period.

If after 20-days there are no appeals to the Superior Court, the Decision will be certified by the Town Clerk's Office.  You will be notified to either pick it up or we can mail it out.  Upon receipt of Decision, it needs to be brought to the Registry of Deeds for Recording.  They will give you a signed receipt/paperwork that you must return to the Building Department at Milton Town Hall.