Development & Zoning Proposals - Planning Board

  1. MBTA Communities Zoning

    Zoning amendment to be considered at the December 2023 Special Town Meeting to comply with Section 3A of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40A

  2. 152 Robbins Street Farm Stand Site Plan Approval

    Site Plan Approval application for a farm stand and greenhouse

  3. 440 Granite Avenue

    Site Plan Approval application for a four-story, 26-unit mixed-use building

  4. 111 Highland Street

    Special Permit for a 78-bed memory care facility under the Special Care/Memory Care Residence Development bylaw

  5. Zoning Recodification

    Procedure to develop a web-based, searchable version of the Town's Zoning Bylaw in accordance with Article 8 of the October 2017 Special Town Meeting