Plans and Studies

  1. HPP Approval Letter (PDF)

    The Housing Production Plan approval letter from the Department of Housing and Community Development.

  2. MAPC Milton Village Zoning Study Final Report (PDF)

    A study of mixed-use zoning for Milton Village conducted by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council in 2018.

  3. Milton Village Traffic Evaluation (PDF)

    Traffic Analysis of Milton Village Conducted by Beta Group in March 2020.

  4. ULI TAP Report (East Milton, 2019) (PDF)

    A summary of the Urban Land Institute's recommendations for East Milton, published May 2019.

  5. 40B General Land Area Minimum Analysis (PDF)

    Analysis of the Town's General Land Area Minimum status under 40B regulations.

  6. Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (PDF)

    Bicycle and pedestrian master plan developed by Metropolitan Area Planning Council in June 2022, adopted by the Select Board in August 2023.

  7. Looking Forward: East Milton Square (PDF)

    A vision plan for East Milton conducted by the Barrett Group, March 2021.

  8. East Milton Local Rapid Recovery Plan (PDF)

    A plan with multiple project ideas to help the East Milton business district recover from Covid-19 impacts.

  9. Housing Production Plan (PDF)

    The Town's Housing Production Plan published in January 2020.

  10. Milton Village Design Guidelines

    Design guidelines for the Milton Village Mixed-Use Overlay District

  11. Milton Master Plan

    The Town's master plan, volumes 1-3 via the Master Plan Implementation Committee page. The Master Plan was approved in June 2015.