What is an Assessment?

The assessment is the value of property to be used for local taxation as determined by the Board of Assessors through a series of market analysis of the current Real Estate Market following regulations set by the Commissioner of Revenue. The assessment is the estimated full and fair cash value of a property on January 1st of a given year.

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1. Am I required to allow the Assessor to inspect my property?
2. How are my taxes determined?
3. How do the Assessors determine the value of my property?
4. How is property assessed?
5. How often are properties reassessed?
6. What if I disagree with the assessment of my property?
7. What is an Assessment?
8. What is full and fair cash value?
9. What remedies are available to me if the Assessor denies my abatement application and I am aggrieved by this decision?
10. Why do property values change?