What harm do these pollutants do?

The pet waste is an unhealthy source of bacteria for people and animals that venture into local waters. Residue from use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers causes unwanted algae to grow in local waters. The algae suck up the oxygen and make it hard for the natural animal and plant life to thrive. Sediments and soils that are carried by stormwater into local water bodies clog up the water channel so that dredging is needed to keep the water running free. Sedimentation can destroy aquatic habitat and high volumes of runoff can cause stream bank erosion. If no stormwater management measures exist, a local water body may be irreparably harmed.

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1. What is the purpose of the stormwater bylaw?
2. What harm do these pollutants do?
3. How does the bylaw affect residents?
4. Why target construction sites?
5. What size construction projects does the bylaw affect?
6. Do other communities have stormwater bylaws?