Warrant Committee


The Warrant Committee is a 15 member committee, appointed by the Town Moderator, and is responsible for reviewing and reporting on all Warrant Articles on the Warrant for the Annual Town Meetings, and any Special Town Meetings. 


  • David J. Humphreys, Chair - 2024
  • Thomas A. Caldwell, Secretary - 2024
  • Lori A. Connelly, Member - 2024
  • Allison Gagnon, Member - 2024
  • Jay Fundling, Member - 2024
  • Julie A. Joyce, Member - 2024
  • Kristin G. Kociol, Member - 2024
  • Jereem Langlais, Member - 2024
  • Timothy P. Lyons, Member - 2024
  • Julia Maxwell, Member - 2024
  • Jeremiah J. O'Connor, Member - 2024
  • Amanda H. Serio, Member - 2024
  • Ronald T. Sia, Member - 2024
  • Judith A. Steele, Member - 2024
  • Stephen H. Rines, Member - 2024

Appointed By: Town Moderator
Members: 15
Term: One year terms (July 1 to June 30)
Charge: See Warrant Committee Bylaw below 


Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Warrant Committee Bylaw

Section 1. The Town shall have an advisory committee to be known as the Warrant Committee consisting of fifteen legal voters of the Town. On or before the fifth day of July in each year the Moderator shall appoint fifteen members to the Warrant Committee each of whom shall serve for a term of one year beginning on the fifth day of July in the year of the appointment.

Section 2. The Warrant Committee shall, prior to the fifteenth day of July in each year, meet, at the call of the member thereof first named, for organization by the choice of a chairman and secretary. And they shall meet thereafter from time to time as they may deem advisable.

  1. They shall have the power to fill vacancies in their number by vote, attested copy of which shall be sent by the secretary to the Town Clerk.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of the Warrant Committee to inform themselves concerning those affairs and interest of the Town, the subject-matter of which is generally included in the warrants for its Town meeting; and the officers of the Town shall, upon their request, furnish them with facts, figures, and any other information pertaining to their several departments; provided, however, that any such information may be withheld when, in the opinion of the officer or board of officers so requested, the communication thereof might injuriously affect the interests of the Town or its citizens.

Section 4. The Warrant Committee shall consider the various articles in the warrant for all the Town Meetings held during the period for which they were appointed including the various articles in the warrant for the annual Town Meeting next after their appointment; they shall also consider all questions submitted to the voters of the Town at any meeting, excluding State elections; and they shall report in print before all such meetings their estimates and recommendations for the action of the Town. Copies of such reports shall be left at the dwelling houses in the Town at least four days before the day set for consideration of the various articles in the warrant considered by them and at least four days before the day upon which the voters are to consider questions submitted to them at any meeting.

  1. On or before November first of each year each board, committee or officer of the Town shall file with the Select Board, who shall transmit the same to the Warrant Committee, a statement in detail of the appropriation or appropriations recommended by such board, committee or officer for the work under its or his charge for the ensuing year.
  2. The Warrant Committee shall include in its report of recommendations for the annual Town Meeting a statement setting forth the total appropriations so requested, the appropriations recommended, and the totals of such appropriations requested and recommended, and an estimate of the tax rate for the ensuing year if such recommendations are adopted. The copies of such reports may be combined with the warrants of the Select Board for publication and delivery as provided in Section 1 of Chapter 2.