Personnel Board


The Personnel Board reviews changes to the Town of Milton Compensation and Classification Plan, such as changes in salary schedules and the creation of new positions. The Personnel Board advises the Town Administrator and Human Resources Director on personnel issues, policies, and collective bargaining. The Board's full roles and responsibilities are identified in the Town's Bylaws (PDF).


  • Michelle F. Cardoza, Chair (2023)
  • Elaine J. Benson, Member (2024)
  • Debra J. MacNeil, Member (2025)
  • Angle McConney Scheepers (2024)
  • Jennifer Wambold, Member (2025)

Appointed By: Town Moderator
Members: 5
Term: Five year terms, beginning in June
Charge: Town's Bylaws - Personnel (PDF)

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Chapter 13 of the Town of Milton Bylaws (PDF) entitled "Personnel Administration" was first added to the General Bylaws as voted under Article 8 of the warrant of the 1956 Annual Town Meeting. Section 32 of Chapter 40 of the General Laws (GL) requires approval of the Attorney General on all bylaws, but this Chapter 13 was adopted under authority provided in GL Chapter 41, Section 108C because it was a consolidation into a single chapter of all provisions pertaining to personnel administration. This Chapter has become commonly known as the "Personnel Plan".

It established that a Personnel Board, consisting of five members, each of whom shall be appointed by the Moderator for a term of five years, beginning the first day of June in the year of appointment. Terms of service shall be so arranged that the term of one member expires each year. There shall be a Chairman of the Board, designated by the Moderator each year and he shall hold office for one year beginning on the first day of June and until his successor is appointed. Vacancies in the membership of the Board shall be filled by the Moderator to cover the unexpired term of the vacated member.

The Personnel Board administers the provisions of Chapter 13 and determines all questions arising thereunder. The Personnel Board shall, from time to time, establish rules for the administration of the Plan and the conduct of its affairs not inconsistent with the Chapter and may at any time amend or revoke the same. Such rules include specifications for minimum requirements of every classified position, and no person shall be employed by the Town, unless in the opinion of the Personnel Board, such person meets said requirements.

The Board is responsible for reviewing the work of all positions covered by the Plan and the salary schedules provided in the Plan, maintaining adequate records and may add positions, abolish positions, reclassify positions in the Plan, and so far as permitted by law, change salary rates, all such actions to be effective until the final adjournment of the next Annual Town Meeting.