Domestic Violence Risk Indicators

Domestic violence is not always easy to recognize, but the signs are usually there. Abuse can be in many forms ranging from emotional to physical to sexual. The following are some of the indicators that the person you are with may be abusive.

The person...

  • Repeatedly lies to you and breaks promises.
  • Withholds affection in order to get power over you.
  • Shows extreme jealousy and tries to keep you from family, friends, or interests.
  • Insults or puts you down.
  • Violates your privacy, and goes through your possessions without permission.
  • Threatens you.
  • Tries to control you, telling you how to dress, where to go, what to eat, what to do, etc.
  • Attempts to cause you pain or injury.
  • Punches, kicks, shakes, slaps, or restrains you.
  • Attacks you with a weapon or thrown objects.
  • Causes pain or injures you.
  • Forces their attention on you, either verbally or physically.
  • Sexually abuses you.
  • Injures or threatens to injure the family pet.
  • Threatens to injure your children.
  • Injures your children.
  • Stalking behaviors.