Lower Gile Turf Field Project

Project Documents

View the scope of work to be performed in the Lower Gile Turf Field Project:

1.0 Existing Conditions Documentation

HAI to provide topographic survey and documentation of existing conditions. Final survey to be provided in AutoCAD format showing the location of all structures, topographic contours at one foot (1') intervals and resource area delineation. This survey will not include property line or boundary delineation as the existing facilities are within the limits of the property. Depending on the availability and location of a reliable power source for sports lighting, additional survey may be required to locate and document that utility.

Product: Existing Conditions Survey, as necessary.

2.0 Geotechnical Investigation

HAI to provide an investigation of subsurface conditions. This scope of work included soil borings in the area of the proposed, new multi-purpose synthetic turf field, sports lighting, and associated site improvements as noted above. The finished report included thorough laboratory analysis of existing soils, along with recommendations for subbase material and details required to provide adequate support to the finished surface conditions. Additional soil borings may be required upon completion of the sports lighting layout.

Product: Report of Subsurface Investigation and Foundation Recommendations.

3.0 Design & Engineering Services

Schematic Design

1. HAI shall prepare schematic design documents for the proposed new multi-purpose synthetic turf field, sports lighting and associated site improvements, and electrical and utility plans. Schematic Design documents shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Athletic Field Renovation
    • Existing site analysis including soil sample testing (Slopes, access, soils, etc.)
    • NFHS-compliant synthetic turf multi-purpose field including field grading and drainage improvements
  • Game management areas
  • Ball restraint systems, as needed
  • Sports Lighting and Site Lighting
  • New Multi-Sport Scoreboard(s)
  • (7) ADA access and other associated site improvements

2. Determine Local, State, and Federal Permitting requirements.

3. Participate in as many meetings as necessary with the client to finalize and present for approval, Design plans, and associated Opinions of Probable Project costs.

4. HAI shall coordinate the preparation of the Alteration of Terrain Permit Application.

B. Detailed Opinion of Probable Project Costs

1. HAI will coordinate the preparation of itemized Opinions of Probable Project Costs.

C. Final Design Plan Presentation.

Prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation and boards to assist the Owner in presenting Plans, details, graphics and Probable Project costs to interested parties.

For more information see the following:

Projected Timeline

  • Town Meeting Approval: May 2022
  • Permitting: July 2022 through November 2022
  • Construction Bidding: December 2022 through February 2023 (Subject to permitting approval)
  • Construction: May 2023 through September 2023