Permits & Regulations

General Permit Application

The Public Works Department / Engineering Department requires that an opening and/or occupancy permit be applied for in the Engineering Department for all work within the public way (roadway or sidewalk excavation) and for any work (repairs, modifications or new connections) to public utilities (water, sewer, drain) either on the street or private property. Contractors must be appropriately insured and bonded to Town Standards and must complete work and restore areas to Town standards. The division maintains a listing of all contractors who are properly insured and bonded and whom have successfully completed work. Click on the tab on the left of this page.

All general permit applications* (which you can find on the tab on the left of this page) must be accompanied by a sketch (or full size plan) showing the location of the proposed work and a Dig Safe number (if applicable).

Drainlayer's Application

Contractors may submit an application* for the drainlayer license in Town. Drainlayer license application and requirements can be found on the tab on the left of this page.

As of October 2021 all permits shall be hand delivered to Town Engineering Department located at 525 Canton Avenue (Town Hall). Fees and deposits must be made by check, payable to Town of Milton.

To schedule an inspection (at least 72 hours notice) once your permit is ready, please email Inspections.