Permits & Regulations

General Permit Application

The Public Works Department / Engineering Department requires that an opening and/or occupancy permit be applied for in the Engineering Department for all work within the public way (roadway or sidewalk excavation) and for any work (repairs, modifications or new connections) to public utilities (water, sewer, drain) either on the street or private property. Contractors must be appropriately insured and bonded to Town Standards and must complete work and restore areas to Town standards. The division maintains a listing of all contractors who are properly insured and bonded and whom have successfully completed work. Click on the tab on the left of this page.

The Town of Milton Engineering Department has migrated its permit system to PermitEyes which is an online portal as of 10/1/2023. Please login and create a new account in order to submit a new permit. 


  1. Go to the LOGIN page.(PermitEyes works best with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari works on Macs.)


  1. Go here to CREATE A NEW USER ACCOUNT.Provide all required information. Once you create your account, enter your Username/Password to start your application.

(Don’t use an email address as your username)


You can find detailed instructions on how to login, create a new account and submit a new permit HERE. Please email with any questions.

Permits Are Required For: 

Any utility work (water, sewer, or drain) including repairs and work on private property, any street opening (or excavation in the right-of-way), stormwater management or run-off control, any new or modified driveway entrances, or Street/Sidewalk occupancy. 

Also, permits are required for any trench excavation within Town limits, on public and PRIVATE property, regardless of purpose.  A separate trench permit and application fee will NOT be required when excavation work is included under another general permit application; however, all the required trench permit information (Operator license information and trench locations) will still be required before permit approval. 


Permit Applications

  • All applicable permit fees and deposits will be due before permits are approved.  Fees and deposits can be paid in the online portal system, or can be made by check, payable to “Town of Milton.” 
  • All permits, excluding only repairs to existing water and sewer services, require a plan and/or narrative of the proposed work be submitted with completed application for review and approval.  Plans for NEW CONNECTIONS must be stamped by a MA Registered Professional Engineer. 
  • All permits should be completed with all the required information, including but not limited to: Dig Safe number, Contractor’s signature and operator information and trench locations. 
  • For new houses - All DPW permit fees and deposits must be paid in full prior to issuance of a house number by Engineering.  Upon receipt of all the fees, a house number will be issued to the applicant for the purposes of obtaining building permits with the Inspection Department. 

General Requirements 

  • Permits will be reviewed only AFTER required information is provided and fees have been paid. 
  • For all NEW services (water, sewer, and drain), engineered drawings will be required, stamped by a MA Professional Engineer.  Drawings will NOT be required for water service relays (in place).   Proper drawings showing dimensions, elevations, slopes, materials used, and/or any other pertinent information will be required for all other work, including repairs. 
  • Once a permit is approved, the contractor will be notified via email, and he/she may schedule an inspection date and time. 
  • All Inspections MUST be scheduled through email:
  •   Inspections MUST be scheduled 72 business hours in advance of work, barring emergency.

THE ONLY EXCEPTION to the 72-Hour notification process described above will be for legitimate emergency situations.  Please contact Town Engineer at 617-898-4870 or to discuss these situations on a case-by-case basis. 

Sewer emergencies shall be defined as issues with non-clearable flow blockages, use of fixtures at the premises, or laterals that are in danger of imminent failure. Sewers that backup due to roots or other routine blockages that can be adequately cleared SHALL NOT be considered emergencies, especially for the contractor’s convenience of scheduling work inspections.   Any contractor found to be abusing this rule will be at first warned in writing, and then subject to license suspension and revocation as detailed in the Town’s Drainlayer Regulation.

  • ALL permits will be considered EXPIRED 30 days after their original approval date (except for driveway permits – 1 year expiration date).  A new permit and application fee will be required. 

Drainlayer's Application

Contractors may submit an application* for the drainlayer license in Town. Drainlayer license application and requirements can be found on PermitEyes.

As of October 2023 all drainlayer applications shall be submitted online through PermitEyes, as well as any associated fees and deposits. If needed, checks made payable to Town of Milton can be dropped off at Town Hall (525 Canton Ave, Milton MA, 02186).

To schedule an inspection (at least 72 hours notice) once your permit is ready, please email Inspections.


 Licensed Contractors are required to provide a $5000.00 street opening bond and a $5000.00 drainlayers bond. 

They must also file a “Certificate of Insurance” with Town of Milton listed as additional insured: 

Commercial General Liability:  


$ 1,000,000.00 per Occurrence 

$ 2,000,000.00 General Aggregate 

$ 2,000,000.00 Completed Product 

Automobile Liability Insurance: 

$ 1,000,000.00 combined single limit 

 Three letters of recommendation and/or three Names and Telephone numbers from other Towns must be provided along with a $100.00 application fee. 

 All applications must be submitted before April 15 for the current calendar year. Applications after this date will require special consideration and are subject to denial. Also, those applications will not be published in Town’s website.