Planning & Community Development


The Milton Planning Department is responsible for coordinating the Town's planning activities and staffing the Planning Board, and primarily concentrates on economic development, housing strategy, and open space issues.

Our Mission

To assure careful stewardship of the town, including the land, environment, water, air, energy, etc. through attention to municipal planning and project review, and by providing guidance and protection to ensure a high quality of life for Milton residents today and into the future.

Our Work

Town planning involves research and analysis, strategic thinking, urban design, public consultation, policy recommendations, implementation and management, and development of land in the public interest.

The work of the Planning Department has an important influence on the property values in the Town and on our bond rating. Our efforts have contributed to Milton's AAA bond rating, and to our qualifications and reputation as an award-winning community that has been repeatedly voted by experts to be among the country's best places to live. We work to help developers navigate the planning process while adhering to established policies and laws of the Town, with an eye toward careful growth and protecting the town, its neighborhoods, and its residents.

Key Activities

  • Represent the Town and Committees in core team meetings including routine land-use matters and related legal issues; design review; fair housing; affordable housing; emergency management, such as FEMA; environmental issues; Traffic Commission; Sign Review Committee; South Shore HOME Program; energy efficiency and climate resilience; Master Plan and Open Space Plan.
  • Work closely with Town Counsel on multiple projects that are complex and sensitive, often involving confidential issues.
  • Strive to bring in the right kinds of projects that will have a beneficial impact on the Milton tax base and residents' quality of life.
  • Coordinate development, update and implement comprehensive plans, coordinate revisions, and update the Town's land use maps.
  • Consult with various technical, professional, and legal personnel as needed to protect the interests of the Town and its Planning Board in carrying out its statutory responsibilities.
  • Research various technologies, infrastructures, and projects that the Town can undertake to achieve its energy sustainability goals and reduce its overall carbon footprint.
  • Participate in the development, implementation, coordination, and maintenance of Open Space Plans, Land Use Plans, the Master Plan, Economic Development Plans, and Department of Transportation Plans. Keep apprised of information disseminated by State agencies including the Executive Office of Housing & Livable Communities, Office of Climate Innovation and Resilience, and the Department of Energy Resources.
  • Assist in updating Town's Geographic Information System.