Solar Checklist

Solar Panels on Building

The Town of Milton encourages the safe and efficient installation of solar energy systems through its permitting and inspection process. All photovoltaic installations require both a building permit and an electrical permit from the Town. Zoning regulations generally do not affect residential rooftop arrays.

This list is intended for solar permit applicants and installers.

  1. Apply for a Building Permit and an Electrical Permit

    Applications are only available online. Access our permitting portal here.

    Items to include/attach to the permit applications:
    • State the total size of the System (KWs) in the work description section of the application. 
    • A letter or industry standard form (Owner Authorization Form) signed by the owner, authorizing the work on their building.
    • Plans for the installation including panel mounting details, attachment locations, wiring diagrams, and equipment and panel information.
    • A stamped and signed engineer's affidavit that the building's roof can support the load (Exception: roofs constructed after April 20, 2018, are usually considered "solar ready" and may therefore skip this step)
    • Estimate of the project's value. Including all materials, equipment, and labor costs broken down into 2 parts: Electrical and Building values.
  2. Internal Staff Review

    If the proposed system is to be ground-mounted, the Conservation Commission may need to ensure that the panels are not proposed for protected areas.

    Ground-mounted panels are considered accessory structures and must be a minimum of 40 feet from the front property lines and 8 or 10 feet from the side and rear property lines, depending on the district in which the property lies.

    A Building Inspector will review the application and plans and if all required documentation is satisfactory, the fee will be assessed as follows:
    • Residential Building Permit: $12 per thousand on the value of the project.
    • Commercial Building Permit: $15 per thousand on project value
    • All Electrical Permits: $35 per thousand for the first $10,000 of value and then $10 per thousand thereafter.
    The applicant is then notified that the fee is now payable. Fees can be paid online. Once the fee is paid, the permit will be issued. The Permit card and approved plans can then be picked up at Town Hall or, upon request, can be mailed to the applicant or to the job site. The permit card and approved plans must be on the job site at all times during the installation and for all inspections.

  3. Inspections

    Once the permit and approved plans are received by the applicant, the installation work can proceed. Upon completion of the installation, 2 inspections must be performed.
    1. An electrical inspection by the Town's Wiring Inspector. The licensed electrician must be present for the inspection.
    2. A Building Inspection by one of the Town's Building Inspectors. The licensed contractor must be present for the inspection.
    All inspections are scheduled through the main Inspectional Services phone number, 617-898-4925. Clerical staff will schedule a specific day and time for each inspection. (You do not have to speak to an inspector directly to schedule an inspection).

    Upon passing both inspections, the Electrical Inspector will sign the Utility's work authorization form and forward that to the Utility, enabling them to connect the system to the grid.