Fee Schedule

Regulations of the Milton Board of Health Chapter 8.

Section 1. Fee Schedule

All permits must be renewed and paid for by the renewal date. Those permit holders that fail to renew and pay for annual permits by the renewal date will be required to pay a 50% increase in the original fee. Said permit holders are also subject to a suspension of operations during the time period that permits are expired. Unless otherwise noted, the renewal date is December 31.

Fees for permits are non-refundable.


Food Establishment Permits - Low Risk (1)$100
Food Establishment Permits - Medium Risk (2)
Food Establishment Permits - High Risk (3 to 4)
Frozen Dessert Machine (Retail) Permits$60
Mfr. Frozen Desserts (Wholesale) Permits$200
Milk and Cream Permits$5
Mobile Food Trucks Permits$100
Commercial Kitchen Vendor$100
Farmer's Market Seasonal$50
Temporary Food Permit$25
Plan Review (initial plan)$150
Plan Review (each revision)
Residential Kitchen Plan Review$75

Public Health

Body Art (Establishment Permit)$500
Body Art (Practitioner Permit) (initial application)
Body Art (Practitioner Permit) (annual renewals)
Burial Permits (as needed)$10
Funeral Director Licenses$60
Indoor Ice Skating Rink Permits$100
Keeping Animals/Commercial License$100
Keeping Animals/Private License
Initial applications only (no annual renewal)
Beach/Pond Permit (seasonal)
Applications are due 2 weeks prior to the opening date
Recreational Camps for Children License (1 week)
Applications are due 2 weeks prior to the opening date
Recreational Camps for Children License (Greater than 1 week)
Applications are due 2 weeks prior to the opening date
Swimming/Wading/Spa Pool Permits (seasonal)
Applications are due 2 weeks prior to the opening date
Swimming/Wading/Spa Pool Permits (annual)
Swimming Pool Plan Review (initial plan)$150
Swimming Pool Plan Review (each revision)
Tanning Establishments$100
Each Booth/Device$30
Tobacco Sales$200
Housing (pre-occupancy)$100
Housing (each reinspection)

Septic Systems

Disposal Works Installer License (as needed)$60
Percolation Test/Soil Evaluation Witnessing (per hour or portion thereof, one-hour minimum)
Industrial Wastewater Transportation (license to remove and transport Industrial Wastewater)$60
Trench Permit Application fee (for septic trench for perc testing and soil evaluation)$60
License to Remove and Transport GarbageN/A
Septage and Refuse$60
Septic System Disposal System ConstructionN/A
Permit Application (includes installation inspections) - New Construction$150
Permit Application (includes installation inspections) - Existing System/Repair$75
Septic System Plan Review (initial plan)$100
Septic System Plan Review (each revision)

Section 2. Additional Fees for Reinspection

For the majority of food establishments, one, two or three routine inspections annually (based on risk) are sufficient to maintain compliance with the regulations of the State Sanitary code, Chapter X, and provide adequate protection to the health and well-being of patrons and the general public. For some establishments however, a risk-based inspection schedule is inadequate and more frequent visits by the Health Agent or Inspector or other actions are found to be necessary. In some instances, a number of reinspections are necessary to assure the correction of critical violations or previously cited violations and more frequent comprehensive inspections may be needed to maintain an acceptable level of compliance. In the course of this type of intensified follow-up, it may be necessary for the Board of Health and/or the Health Agent to issue Order Letters, schedule and conduct administrative hearings and take action to suspend or revoke permits. Additionally, food establishments which give rise to repetitive citizen complaints also require closer inspectional attention as do those involved in alleged outbreaks of food-borne illnesses.

It is both fair and equitable that establishments which, by reason of negligence and/or non-compliance, require expenditure of additional time and effort by the Board of Health staff should pay some of the additional costs involved.

A reinspection will be required at any establishment which is found to have serious, critical and/or repeated violations of Chapter X of the State Sanitary Code during a routine or recheck inspection, an inspection based on a complaint or an investigation of a food-borne illness. A fee of $100 will be charged for each reinspection which is required, payable no later than the time of the scheduled reinspection.

No permit renewals will be issued until all fees have been paid in full.

The Health Agent may waive the fee for a reinspection as otherwise required above, when the reason for the reinspection involves any of the following: items are on order but not yet in, or repairs have been scheduled but not yet completed.

A refusal to waive the fee by the Health Agent may be appealed to the Milton Board of Health. The decision of the Board of Health in all such cases shall be final.

Section 3. Effective Date

This regulation, as amended, shall be effective January 1, 2011. Originally adopted on September 1, 1995 and revised on January 1, 1998, March 15, 1998, August 1, 2001, May 1, 2003, July 19, 2016, and March 28, 2018.