Partnership for a Healthy Milton

Statement of Purpose

The Partnership for a Healthy Milton, Inc. (PHM), is a nonprofit organization which promotes and protects the health and well-being of Milton residents and the Town of Milton workforce. PHM supports a variety of public health and behavioral health programming and activities in the Town of Milton. These initiatives will work to promote healthy people in a healthy community environment, including the social determinants of health and health equity. PHM emphasizes the prevention of illness and disability. 

Partnership for a Healthy Milton Members

  • Priscilla Neves, Co-President
  • Dr. Linda Hudson, Co-President
  • Deborah Milbauer, Treasurer
  • Laurie Stillman, Secretary
  • Deborah Green Muse, Member
  • Dr. Jonathan Pincus, Member
  • Marian Hannan, Member
  • Patricia Loyd Janulewicz, Member
  • Stefano Keel, Member
  • Caroline A. Kinsella, BSN, RN, RS, Member (Milton Public Health Director), Ex-Officio Member 617-898-4886