Rabies Control

Rabies & Animal Quarantines

Rabies is a very serious viral disease that affects the brain and spinal cord of mammals (if an animal has hair or fur, it is a mammal). Rabies is usually a disease of animals, but it can spread from an infected animal to a person. In people, the disease can be prevented by getting vaccinated after exposure; otherwise, the disease is fatal. The animals that most commonly carry rabies in Massachusetts are raccoons, skunks and bats.

DPH Contacts Related to Rabies

Rabies Program Coordinator
Ashley Kraft, Rabies Coordinator
Phone: 617-626-1810
Email Ashley Kraft

Bureau of Infectious Diseases & Laboratory Sciences

  • Infectious Disease Division: 617-983-6550
  • Urgent calls and infectious disease reporting: 617-983-6800
  • Laboratory Sciences Division: 617-983-6201