Lead poisoning is a major, preventable, environmental health problem for both children and adults. The Department of Labor Standard's (DLS) lead program aims to reduce lead exposure for the Commonwealth's workers and the general public. DLS creates and enforces standards for deleading, renovation, repair, and painting for older homes and child-occupied facilities that may contain lead paint. DLS also oversees the Occupational Blood Lead Registry (OBLR), which tracks elevated blood lead levels among adults and provides educational counseling and guidance to workers. Through medical consultation, OBLR offers advice to physicians on the medical management of lead poisoning.

Lead in residential paint was banned in 1978, and due to the large quantity of pre-1978 homes in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program's database for lead-inspected homes will indicate whether a property has ever been inspected for lead, has had any lead hazards or has a letter of compliance. If you can not find your property but believe there has been an inspection, please call 800-532-9571.

To get a copy of an inspection report or Letter of Compliance for a property, contact the inspector who did the inspection or issued the Letter of Compliance. To find an inspector's phone number, click the link below to take you to a list of licensed lead inspectors in the state of Massachusetts. If the inspector you need to contact is no longer licensed, please call 800-532-9571 to get the last known contact information for that inspector.