East Milton Square Mixed-Use Overlay Zoning


The Planning Board and the Department of Planning & Community Development are working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to develop a mixed-use overlay zoning district in East Milton Square. This effort continues years of planning and visioning in the neighborhood, most recently the East Milton Square visioning work that led to Looking Forward: East Milton Square.

Mixed-Use Zoning is zoning that allows for a deliberate mix of housing, civic uses, and commercial uses, including retail, restaurants, and offices. This is in contrast to traditional zoning that separates allowable uses from each other. 

This zoning initiative is an "overlay" district. This means that the current underlying zoning remains in place. Property owners may choose to develop according to the underlying zoning or, alternatively, according to our new mixed-use zoning provisions. The overlay encourages coordinated, cohesive development.

MAPC Kickoff Presentation to Planning Board
Presentation by Metropolitan Area Planning Council staff to Planning Board, introducing the overlay zoning processAugust 10, 2023