Green Communities

Milton has been a Green Community since 2010. Our Consolidated Facilities Department is primarily responsible for Green Communities projects, implementation, and reporting. Milton is proud to be consistently working towards improved energy efficiency. 

Thanks to the Green Communities program, Milton Public Schools are equipped with rooftop solar panels, and the majority of municipal buildings' lighting has been converted to LED bulbs.

The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is currently developing an updated Green Communities designation, with additional requirements to be designed as a "Climate Leader" community. Town staff are reviewing these new designation materials as they are developed. DOER prepared a presentation on these new regulations, and those materials can be viewed HERE.

Learn more about the Green Communities Program at the Department of Energy Resource's Green Communities Division webpage

  1. Christopher Hayden

    Director of Colsolidated Facilities

  2. Diane Colligan

    Office Assistant

  3. Josh Eckart-Lee

    Assistant Director of Planning and Community Development