Traffic Commission

Appointed By: Board of Selectmen

The Traffic Commission is composed of the following Town Departments, Police, Fire, Schools, Town Engineer, DPW, and the Town Planner.

The Chief of Police serves as Chair of the Traffic Commission. The members receive no compensation and the Commission has no budget.

The primary role is to advise and recommend to the Board of Selectmen on issues relative to the management of traffic in the Town. The Traffic Commission may review recommendations brought before them and within the guidelines of Chapter 90 and the Town Bylaws, recommend changes and amendments to the Traffic Rules and Orders of the Town. Citizens who submit a suggestion or recommendation that the Traffic Commission schedules for public review, may come and speak to the issue before the Commission.

One primary objective of the Commission is the management of congestion and gridlock. Given the number of cars that travel our roads each day, this objective often proves to be very challenging. The Traffic Commission does not review enforcement issues. All enforcement authority lies directly with the police department.

The Traffic Commission meets 4-6 times annually. Meetings and locations are posted on the Town website.

Citizens are welcome to attend. If the Commission is reviewing a major situation involving significant change to a specific area, public notification of meeting may be made to the neighbors/abutters and the meeting location and time will be adjusted to accommodate those affected.

Any recommendations approved for change under Mass General Law or the Town Bylaw is then submitted to the Board for Selectmen for approval and implementation.   

Citizens/organizations/businesses may submit suggestions for review by writing to:

Chief John E. King
Milton Police Department
40 Highland ST. Milton, MA.
Please mark the letter: Attention TRAFFIC Commission.

Board Members

Name Title
John E. King Police
Joseph Lynch DPW
John J. Grant Fire
Mark Alba Police - Safety Officer
John P. Thompson, PE Engineering
William F. Ritchie Consolidated Facilities
William Clark Planning
Ann Condon Secretary
Lee Toma Member