Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste Information



Annual Sticker Users - The new ANNUAL STICKER at a cost of $156.00 annually is available now at the Treasurers Office at Milton Town Hall.

Weekly Sticker Users - There is NO CHANGE in the single use trash sticker program. The  $3.00 RED stickers will remain valid. These are the weekly stickers you may purchase at local stores and town hall.

*** Recycling Policy for Plastic Bags ***


As a result of recent solid waste internal audit activities, it was found that very many households in Milton have been avoiding the use of trash stickers.

Concealing household trash and trying to pass it off as recycling materials is dishonest.

Solid Waste rules, which are published, available on line, and on the calendar which is mailed to every single residence in town.

Clearly noted under “Single Stream Recycling” is “NO PLASTIC BAGS”.

Milton's solid waste vendor, Sunrise Scavenger, has been directed to comply with our regulations and was notified as follows:

  • …Milton does not allow recycling to be put out in plastic bags and require that recycling be clearly exposed in single stream barrels or recycling bins.
  • Milton’s Regulations are built upon the premise that any bagged material has an unknown content and therefore likely contaminated and non-recyclable.
  • Any material put out in plastic bags WILL BE LEFT BY THE RECYCLING TRUCKS and, if not properly stickered, WILL BE REJECTED BY THE MSW TRUCKS!

Under the terms of our contract our solid waste vendor will not return to collect any non-compliant stop. Non-compliant folks need to wait until next week’s collection.

A Message from Milton DPW - Yard Waste Collection Notice

To assure your yard waste is picked up, please follow these simple simple guidelines:

  • Please remember to place all yard waste into barrels or in a paper leaf bag.
  • Leaf bags may be purchased at your local hardware and lawn care centers.
  • Yard Waste stickers located at  Treasurer's Office at Ton Hall
  • or add your own "YARD WASTE" label on barrels.
  • Branches should be less than 4 inches in diameter and less than 3 feet in length.
  • Branches may be bundled and securely tied with natural fiber string.
  • Bundles should be under 40 lbs in weight.
  • Grass clippings should be in paper bags or barrels labeled as "YARD WASTE"

and please


If you have any questions please call our DPW line at 617-898-4900 and select the TRASH LINE. Thank You.

Single Stream Recycling -  Please click here for more information.


The DPW is once again making compost bins available to Milton Residents at wholesale prices. Residents can purchase an Earth Machines composter for $42 at the Treasurer's Office at (617) 898-4853, at Town Hall. The composters will then be available for pickup at the Milton DPW Yard (629 Randolph Avenue) on the following Thursday. It's that easy!


As of April 1, 2008, Town Hall offices no longer accept cash payments for goods and services. This include fees for recycling bins and also materials accepted at the DPW Yard such as waste oil, antifreeze, car batteries, and tires. Residents may still use personal checks. For more information, contact the Treasurer's Office at (617) 898-4853.

Staff Contacts

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Kathy Bowen Senior Administrative Clerk (617) 898-4974