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E-Gov Information
E-Gov Information
A Simple Guide for Missed
Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste Collections

*** PLEASE ***

Instead follow the instructions found below:

The following is a list of instructions that you will need in order to report that your
trask/recycling/yard waste was not picked up today.

1. We understand that you may feel frustrated but your situation should be quickly resolved.

2. If your trash/recycling/yard waste was not collected the first thing to do is
    go out and check your barrels and bins for a reject sticker.
    If the driver found what he thought was an issue, then they should leave a rejection sticker,
    with a brief description of the issue.

3. If no rejection sticker is found then most likely some outside factor has occurred
    to prevent your collection for occuring.
         i.e. utility truck blocking, or construction vehicles on the street. etc.    
4. Once you have determined that there is NO REJECTION STICKER then simply
   call this number to reach the the Sunrise Scavenger Company at  617-361-8000.

5. Remember, simply leave your address, phone number, name and state what type of collection was missed.
   Once Sunrise receives your information they will send it directly to their dispatch center where it
   will be processed by their Route Supervisor for the Town of Milton.

   If your collections were missed more than once then please let them know.
  Together a remedy will be found to resolve the issue.

6. Once your information has been received then a truck will then be dispatched to your location
   (sometime during the day) and if there are no issues found your barrels/bins will be emptied
   and the contents will be collected.

7. Now, if you go out and find a rejection sticker on your barrel simply read what the reason was and remedy the situation so it does not occur again.
   Sunrise will not be back that day to collect if there was  an existing issue with your trash/recycling/yard waste.
   You must RESOLVE the issue and make sure that your collection for next week is issue free.

8. Milton DPW wishes to thank all our residents for their cooperation with the new collection schedule.

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