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Department of Public Works
Contact TypeContact Information
Director of Public Works
Town Engineer
Assistant Director / Manager of Operations
Manager of Wires and Special Projects
629 Randolph Avenue
Milton, MA 02186
(617) 898-4900
Monday-Friday 7:30 am- 4 pm

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A Message from Milton DPW

The unprecedented snow fall has caused insufficient lot space to adequately and safely conduct
the regular monthly recycle center operation.

As a result the Milton Recycle Center, located at 629 Randolph Avenue Milton MA,
will NOT be open on Saturday, March 7th.

The Center is usually opne the first Saturday of the Month between 9:00 AM and 12:00 Noon.
The Center will reopen for regular service on Saturday, April 4th.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Milton DPW




Many roadways in Milton are compromised for fire apparatus access.
Roadways need to be widened, crosswalks cleared, and corner snowbanks lowered.
As such the Board of Selectmen have issued a State of Public Safety Emergency for the Town of Milton.
The emergency declaration remains in effect until further notice,
which will be announced when lifted.  

This declaration allows for the Town to take extraordinary actions in cleaning-up from prior severe
winter weather and to prepare for future snow storms.

Milton has requested assistance from the Nation Guard who will supplement local DPW and Fire Department
personnel in meeting the prioritized mission objectives.

An assessment of ALL roads has been made.

A prioritization has been established for remedial action.
Widen roadways for fire apparatus (In order of Priority)
Arterial Roads
Secondary Roads
Local Public Roads
Dead End Public Roads
Private Ways (plowed by the Town)

Clear snow from Fire Hydrants
Widen roadways for two way travel
Clear snow from corners to improve safety
Clear crosswalks to improve safety
Clear sidewalks for post vacation school reopening

These mission objectives will be carried on an out around-the-clock basis over the next several days and weeks.
There will be personal inconveniences which are unavoidable but necessary in meeting our public safety objective.

We share your concern and apologize for any inconvenience.

Some roadways will be closed for extended periods of time.
Traffic patterns will be altered in work areas.
Snow will be stockpiled in ALL VIABLE public areas.

Stockpile efforts are being coordinated with local and state environmental authorities.
Care will be taken to promote proper drainage for melting snow and future rains.

No on-street parking is allowed at any time. Vehicles overhanging private driveways are not allowed.
Both are subject to ticketing and towing at owner’s expense.


A Special Message from Milton DPW:
Regarding Solid Waste Collections for the week
(Wednesday and Thursday - February 11 and 12, 2015).


To All Milton Residents,

Please be advised that due to the unprecedented snow storms of the last 2 weeks, our solid waste collection efforts are being hampered
by both the weather and by road conditions. While Milton DPW is making every effort to clear our streets of snow and ice, many roadways
are still not fully accessible by motor vehicles.

Our Solid Waste Collection Company, Sunrise Scavenger, is making every effort to complete their collections for this week.
Sunrise will attempt to collect all solid waste in the town on Wednesday and Thursday this week.
Please remember that areas of the town have roadways that are impassable to the larger collection vehicles.

If your solid waste is not collected by the end of day on your regular trash collection day, we ask you to please be patient and continue
to leave it out on Friday and Saturday of this week, Sunrise Scavenger will continue collecting through Saturday afternoon.
If you still have not had a collection by the end of day on Saturday, we ask you then to please bring it back in and it will be collected next week.

Please understand that Milton DPW appreciates your concerns, and shares your frustration. We are doing everything we can to clear all roadways,
and Sunrise Scavenger is equally committed to complete their collections this week.
Together we hope to have many of the issues impacting the town resolved over the next days, weather permitting.

Thank you for your continued patients during this difficult time of record breaking storms, and snow amounts.

 Milton DPW


Thank you!


To All Milton Residents, 

Please be advised that the new Solid Waste collection schedule
will no longer have delays due to the George Washington’s Birthday holiday
occurring on a Monday February, 16, 2015.

Please Remember that if a holiday occurs on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday
there will be regular collections for that week on Wednesday and Thursday, (NO DELAYS).

 If a Holiday occurs on a Thursday all collections will occur on Wednesday the day before the holiday.

Thank You,.


Parking Ban
will be in effect from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, and will remain in place until further notice.
Parking of any type of vehicle on any roadway or municipal parking lot during the ban is
subject to ticketing and towing at owners expense.
Milton DPW
629 Randolph Avenue
Milton MA, 02186
*** 617-898-4900 ***

In the event of a power outage please contact NStar directly at 800-592-2000

In case of a fire or medical emergency please call 911.


 The DPW has received several reports from Milton residents stating that they had received
a solicitation from a company selling insurance for water service maintenance and repair.

This company has no affiliation with the Milton DPW!
There solicitation activities are not considered suspicious, at this time.
However, by their solicitation, they are seeking payment for periodic payments to secure their contract “insurance” and the contract
and payments automatically renew.

FYI – The Town itself is responsible for the cost of maintenance and repair of your water line from the connection at the water main to the
shutoff valve (typically near the sidewalk). You, as the homeowner are responsible for the cost of maintenance and repair of your water line from the shutoff valve (near the sidewalk)
up to the water meter in your basement. Insurance for repairs may be costly and not needed.


Please be advised
due to our new
Wednesday and Thursday collection schedule
Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste

for The Town of Milton
There will no longer be a delays with collections
due to holidays.

If a holiday occurs on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday
there will be regular collections for that week
on Wednesday and Thursday.

If a Holiday occurs on a Thursday all collections will occur
on Wednesday the day before the holiday.

If a Holiday occurs on a Wednesday all collections will occur
on Thursday the day after the holiday.

Please remember that all missed collection calles
are to be made directly to SunRise Scavenger Company

at (617) 361-8000



The Town of Milton, Massachusetts is seeking qualified contractors for the following:

Spreading, De-icing Materials, and Snow Removal

If interested contractors should call and leave a message at



The New Yard Waste Collection Calendar and Schedule
is NOWAvailable.

The new yard waste collection calendar with additional information regarding the recycling center and hazardous material day has been mailed out.
The Milton Post Office should have already delivered your post card by now.
To download a .PDF copy of the yard waste calender just

*** Water and Sewer Rate DIscussion Presentation ***

If you would like to view a presentation describing the Water and Sewer Rates Structure from the July 7, 2014
Water and Sewer Rate Forum held at Milton Town Hall

** Just select the image below **



Change in Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste Collection Routes

Collections have changed from a 5 day collection schedule (M,Tu,We,Th,Fr)
to a 2 day collection schedule (Wednedays and Thursdays ONLY)

Starting Monday June 30, 2014 the Town of Milton, Department of Public works will implement a
new 2 day collection service
for all trash, recycling and yard waste.

The old 5 day collection schedule will continue until Friday June 27, 2014.
At that point no further collections will occur until the following Wednesday.

The new collection days will be every Wednesday and Thursday
and collections will begin on Wednesday July 2 and Thursday July 3 2014.

(see attached map for more details).


Old 5 Day Schedule                                              New 2 Day schedule

If your old collection day was either                       your new collection day will be on
Monday or Tuesday                                                       Wednesday       

If your old collection day was either                      your new collection day will be on
Thursday or Friday                                                       Thursday            

If your old collection day was on a                         your new collection day will be on
Wednesday – East of & Blue Hill Ave (even #s)                                            Thursday                                     
Wednesday – West of & Blue Hill Ave (odd #s)                                            Wednesday                                    

All existing sticker policies, rules and regulation regarding collections still apply.

*** REMEMBER – Bins and Barrels MUST BE OUT BY 7:00 AM the day of collection ***

New 2 Day Collection Information

We ask that you please be patient and understand that this is a new schedule that is being implented.
Some scheduling difficulties are expected, just growing pains.
We trust that you will find it an improvement over the old schedule once it is in place.
One main difference you may enjoy is the reduction of delays due to holidays falling on a Monday!

We apologize for any inconvenience, and ask that you please be patient.


FY2015 Materials and Water Works Bids - UNOFFICIAL RESULTS

DPW Materials Bid - MB2015

DPW Water Works Bid - WB2015

All prospective bidders MUST request to be on the Offical Bid List via email  to or via fax to (617) 698-1290, to receive official notices and/or addenda.
Failure to do so may result in disqualification of submitted bids




‘Flushable’ personal wipes are clogging sewer systems


Street light issues can now be reported by email!  Please make a note of the utility pole number and house address, and email

The DPW Mission: The Department of Public Works provides many services that directly affect the health, safety, and quality of life of people who live and work in Milton.  Our responsibility is the maintenance of the Town's entire infrastructure.  Our mission is to carry out that responsibility using the highest legal and ethical standards while delivering services that are technically feasible as well as cost effective.  
532008_74116_0.jpgThe rebuilt Pope Pond Bridge      

Our core services include:
Collection, disposal, and recycling of solid waste
Distribution of clean and plentiful drinking water
Collection and disposal of sewerage
Management of the stormwater drainage system
Maintenance of roadways and sidewalks
Engineering and planning services
Fleet maintenance for DPW, fire, and police vehicles
Collection of household hazardous waste
Tree planting and green space caretaking

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